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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Sandman, Mar 2, 2013.

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    I get it now, let keep Romo because the oline sucks, not because he will win us a SB..That might be the 3rd or 4th stupidest thing I have heard today....You know you have been a fan of mediocrity to long when we settle for a QB because our oline sucks ......
  2. Sandman

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    BTW- I am not a Romo hater, I am Cowboys fan. I dont pull for players just my team. He is keeping the Cowboys from winning a SB. Some people have it, some dont. He dont.
  3. brymatt94

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    Great point, we need laws against typing while over the limit.

    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    You knowing the future.!!! LOL! :bow: :lmao2: :laugh2: :laugh1:
  5. da_whiz_kid

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  6. Frozen700

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    Yeah it is all so painful, omg, what will we do?

    HEY!!! I got a solution, instead of dealing with this pain, let's just end it all! Find a local cliff or bridge and just do it.

    Since you are the leader of this bus drive, you should go first. After that, I promise we will all follow.
  7. Arkyvarminter

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    Surely the organization isn't content with the existing Oline. They can't be that stupid. Saying that Romo gives us the best chance with his mobility may be true, but how long can you count on him to remain injury free? This is a huge gamble thinking this way. Romo was very lucky he wasn't injured last season, and injured severely. The O line will be upgraded if Garrett has any input at all. I know he's not that dumb.......
  8. Jerryrage

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    Trade Romo for what? No QB's are worth a first round pick this year. The real problem that nobody is talking about is that fact the Cowboy's scouting team has missed out on talent evaluation over the years and left huge holes on this team AKA lineman. Look at SF, they have three first round picks blocking up front and it shows.

    Until they start drafting better it doesn't matter who is playing QB.
  9. Erik_H

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    Exactly. Pure trolling here. I figure banning isn't too far off.
  10. jobberone

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    To address the topic I'd say trading Romo or cutting him is.....unrealistic.

    On the second front.....Who is that masked man?
  11. SDCowboy85

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    Why does the title say "blow it up" but is just about Romo? Blowing it up would be Romo, Ware, Witten, Miles, etc. All gone.
  12. erod

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    Yeah, let's just quit in the third year of the rebuilding plan.

    Good Lord.
  13. weaver21

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    Exactly. If you're gonna blow it up, you might as well get rid of all the veterans, not just Romo.
  14. muck4doo

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  15. HappyOnions

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    At the end of the day, even if we didn't have Romo, missed the playoffs and went 3-13, is it really any worse than going 8-8 or 9-7 with Romo and still not making the playoffs? I'm not saying we should ever tank intentionally, but it really would set us up to draft elite talent. The record doesn't matter if we don't make the post season.
  16. da_whiz_kid

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    AT the end of the day we are not 8-8 because Romo is our QB. The implication here is that with somebody else we would be a 10+ win team. Unless the player has a similar skill set to compensate for the poor oline play, we are worse off. Now, he def had a lot to do this year compared to other years, but damn, how long have we been asking for an oline now and it continued to be ignored? Its been years! why not upgrade it and see what we really have?!
  17. Super_Kazuya

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    For bandwagon fans who only care about the team if they win, no there is no difference. Personally I don't want to have to suffer through 3-13. 2010 was miserable enough. Most "fans" on Cowboys Zone don't even like football. They feel like they are entitled to a winning team but don't get any enjoyment out of the actual games. Which is why they could suggest voluntarily going through a 3-13 season, which is abhorrent to a real fan.
  18. HappyOnions

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    I don't want to sit through losing season either, but if these losing seasons merit the same results at the end of the season as an 8-8 or 9-7 season, then why not take a risk, trade players (not just Romo) who you think you can get some draft picks in return and start rebuilding. I'd rather go through a bad season as a rebuilding team, than go through a bad season with the same players producing the same results year after year.

    I like Tony, and I think he's a good QB but I don't and wont put him on the top of the mountain with the elite QBs until he (and his team) prove that they can get it done in the postseason. Tony hasn't exactly been playing with the 2008 Detroit Lions his whole career; he's had a lot of talent around him and there's no excuse for not getting further in the playoffs than he, and this team, have.
  19. big dog cowboy

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    Please read my sig.
  20. Sandman

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    Just to be clear, the fact that we all are on a Cowboys forum page posting on our favorite team should end the troll talk and banning. I bleed the cowboys and I dont have to defend my opinion to anyone. Bottom line is I like romo, but he is not a winner. Trade him now and get the picks while you can. Same for DEWARE. They are the only two players you will get any picks for..Build through youth, signing 30+ QB to huge deals is stupid (especially if the QB has as many stupid games as Romo does)..Noone wants me to wrong more than me, I would love another SB run, BUT ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Everytime he has chance for greatness., for what ever reason he cannot do it. It not always his fault, but if you get the 75million contract, it is his fault. Make the trade and get on with it.......

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