Blue states (aka welfare states) begin to unravel, starting with NY

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by ThaBigP, Mar 5, 2009.

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    Mark my words...the bluer the state and bigger it's welfare-and-union-dependent population, the more violent some of these protests are going to get in the near future (this one was huge, but largely peaceful). Nothing makes a leftist or welfare-slave burn their own city down faster than telling them "the state is out of money to pay you for doing nothing". For crying out loud, just look at Greece for your best example of what NYC, New Jersey, Cali, Michigan, etc will look like soon.
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    Wednesday, March 4, 2009
    Jim Rogers Says Prepare for Riots
    Jim Rogers co-founded the Quantum Fund. During the first 10 years the portfolio gained 4200% while the S&P advanced about 47%.

    He says head for the hills....when the USA has a 100 billion debt auction.......and only 82 billion get bid....... sign of inflation only option left.
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    hell no, we won't go....

    get jobs

    hell no, we won't go....

    get jobs

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