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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by HipHop, Mar 16, 2005.

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    What makes me laugh is how that Sheppard Smith fella would be privy to Cowboys information. :)

    "And in today's news, there has been another tragic bombing in...hold on, breaking news coming into the newsroom, ladies and gentlemen. My sources have just informed me that the Dallas Cowboys have upped their offer to New Orleans Saints defensive end Darren Howard, and are once again believed to be the front-runner to land the defensive standout. In related news..."
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    Its weird on a few levels.... one...why would anyone claim to be Shepherd Smith? Whats the point in that? two....Why are those people going through such great lengths to prove he isn't? three....why are theymaking such a big production out of it....four....why isn't Jane Skinner posting there... now shes a hottie!
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    you know, if we had a name like cowboys forums, we would have a lot of traffic....
    Just think of how many people seach for a mb under that criteria...
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    We already have a lot of traffic. I visit several boards, and this is by far the busiest and has the most members. Also has the best information available.
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    LMAO! I can already picture this. It would even more hilarious to see a Dan Rather or Walter Cronkite type interrupt his broadcast for Cowboys news.

    Now that I think about it, hell, they should be doing this! :D In a perfect world, all journalists would be Dallas Cowboys fans. Damn you Peter Jennings, I have no time to hear the latest on the North Korean nuclear threat, give me the latest on the Darren Howard trade rumors! :p:

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