Bob Anderson dead at 89

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    Many of you may not know who he is, but he was an Olympic swordsman who staged fights for films including the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings trilogy. It was not widely known, but in all the light-sabre scenes in Starwars The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.



    He has done numerous scripted sword fighting scenes beyond those shown in the first Youtube video, including several of the early James Bond movies.
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    Guy was amazing with a blade.
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    lol, I didn't complete that sentence when I posted it.

    It should have said that Bob donned Vader's mask and performed the light-sabre fight scenes in those two Starwars movies.
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    I saw all the movies shown in the clips and watched " The Princess Bride " again the other night. He was a master teacher to get those people to make it look so realistic. He will be missed.
    Thanks for the heads up.
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    Pretty amazing that he fenced with Errol Flynn and also as Darth Vader. And everywhere inbetween. An Olympic saber fencer and a WWII Royal Marine vet. Amazing career.

    Left a legacy!
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    Can he best the man in black?

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