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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Hostile, Jan 31, 2009.

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    My thanks to Juke for the graphic. Man, does that ever feel right. So right that I erased my original post in the thread and am leaving this as the statement.
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    Nice sig BP, but you.......... GET A HAIRCUT!!!

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    That's some great stuff there. :bow:
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    VERY nice. Sweet job Juke!

    :thumbup: :star::thumbup:
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    Congratulations Bullet.

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    Kind of odd, but I just heard ben n skin on the fan and they are saying that lucille hester, the woman who said she is bob's sister is in fact not even related to him and her whole story is fraudulent?

    anyone else hear this?

    they are supposed to have someone named Ted Mcintosh on, apparently that is someone from bob's family who is going to explain how he has been trying to contact the nfl and let them know lucille hester is a fraud?

    I just caught them before a break, so did anyone else hear this?
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    Special for all of us...

    For me, he was the reason I became a Cowboy 1965.

    Thanks for the kind words.
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    Only watched the man through highlight films, but this gets me choked up nonetheless. I couldn't be happier for Hayes and his family.
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    So Ted Mcintosh, was bob's best friend and his business manager until his death.

    He is on with ben n skin right now and telling them that bob had a sister named lina hayes and a brother named ernie jr.

    He has no sister named lucille. She grew up a block and a half from bob and is just a friend and the family is very distrought that she is the one accepting all these awards, the pro football hall of fame and the texas football hall of fame.

    Ted just said bobs family in jacksonville was never told he was going to be elected to the pro or texas hall of fame. they have been trying to contact the nfl and the cowboys, the cowboys never let them know he was going to be inducted.

    Apparently the hayes family is very upset and ted said they are very quiet and wont cause a fuss and will go into a shell with stuff like this.

    Ted has no idea why lucille hester is posing as his sister. SHe will not return calls to bobs father ernie or his sister lina or brother ernie jr. All have tried to contact her repeatedly and she will not reply, they have none of the awards he has.

    He called what lucille is doing flat out wrong. He doesnt know how she has taken over this and is doing all this. The family has failed to reach the nfl or the cowboys to alert them.

    EDIT: Ernie jr bobs brother is so distrought over what lucille is doing, no one has been able to get in touch with him in over 24 hours and the family is very concerned.

    side note, the last interview bob ever did was with ben n skin.

    another EDIT: Ted Said bob left no such letter that lucille wrote. He emphasized bob thanked meredith and he was his qb not roger.

    FOr anyone interested, he is going to be on again tomorrow on ben n skins show on 105.3 the fan. Ted Is trying to get a hold of jerry!

    this is bizzare.
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    Bizarre is right. Welcome to the Dallas Cowboys, where nothing is ever as it seems.
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    Nice job. Looks like you enhanced the blue a little bit.
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    What is the Ben and Skin show?
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    Finally, an injustice made right.......
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    I hope this isn't true. We don't need any controversy with this. He doesn't deserve that.

    But I thought she kind of looked like Hayes.
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    here is cbs 11's quick coverage of it last night. watch in hd on my page.

  16. theebs

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    they are two local guys who left the ticket to work for the new 105.3 the fan sports station here.
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    Congratulations to Mr Hayes.
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    Wow. This'll be interesting to see how this plays out. What an outlandish cirumstance if true and this is definitely something Hayes didn't deserve to have hanging over his HOF induction.

    Thanks for the recap, Theebs. Keep us posted.
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    If this woman is a fraud, then she's been one for quite some time. How come the family didn't put a stop to this sooner? And did the NFL "vet" her in any way?
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    they should have put him in while he was alive

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