News: Bob Sturm analysis: Tony Romo off; no game-changers on 'D'; kicker has no rope

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Sep 19, 2010.

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    We called Bob Sturm -- the host of BaD Radio on The Ticket 1310 AM Mondays through Fridays at 12-3 p.m. -- for his thoughts on the Cowboys' 27-20 loss to the Bears on Sunday. The following is a transcription of his thoughts:

    General thoughts about the loss: Not good enough. Minus-3 in turnover battle is a certain recipe for disaster. On both sides of the ball there is enough good things to say there is promise, but there are not enough consistent results. The defense played with a lot of solid intensity. All it took were a couple blown coverages to end with a result that is not going to get you a victory.

    For the offense, it's a theme we are getting used to: a lot of yards and a mistake that sabotages your play

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    Now , here is a smart respected reporter saying he can't figure out why we went into the season with Buehler as our Kicker.

    Why was there not more of an outcry about this on the Zone ?
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    There was plenty from me.
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    I don't see any comparison at all. In Week 2 against the Giants, Romo threw probably two of the ugliest picks that he has ever thrown. The INT for a TD and the lob ball that was nowhere close to be anything but a INT.

    He completed well under 50% of his passes and basically stunk the joint up.

    The next week, he played less sloppy but still couldn't get much going.

    Thus far, he's not looking as good as he could but its been a far cry from those two games.

    He's had to deal with some dropped balls this season as well. I think there were three in the Chicago game alone.....maybe more.
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    Me, too. It was an unnecessary risk and it's bitten us twice in two weeks.

    It's cool that Sturm's a fan, but his emotion is getting the better of him today. He'll calm down later in the week. There's 0 chance we fire Wade and leave this team without a DC or a HC the year Dallas hosts the Superbowl. It's not even worth entertaining.

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