Bob Sturm chats with bloggers about cowboys draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Mar 17, 2011.

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    Bob Sturm chats with blogger about Cowboys' draft needs
    ByBob Sturm / Contributor | Bio
    9:55 AM on Thu., Mar. 17, 2011 | Permalink
    Rafael Vela is one of my favorite Cowboys Bloggers and he runs and focuses plenty on the same topics I love to talk about: X's and O's during the season and breaking down the roster all the way to man #53 in the offseason. His work on the draft is exhaustive and quite strong and I wanted to chat with him on these topics:

    Bob Sturm: Thanks for doing this, Rafa. Let's start with how you feel about the Cowboys roster at this point. How much do they need to put the proper roster on the field - very general question, I know, but...

    Rafael Vela: Sure. I've pointed out in the past I think the team is really two drafts away from being a serious contender. Given that, I'm wary of the team thinking it can fix everything in one offseason and going crazy in the draft.
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    Very informative
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    I am sold on Tyron now. It took a little bit but I really do like all of the positives many have posted about him and it is amazing that he is just 20 with room to grow in both size and ability.

    So Patrick Peterson if he is there or in a slight trade up.
    Tyron if we stay and a couple of others do not fall.
    Or trade down.
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    Peterson is my number one target in a trade up. (around 6th)

    I believe a trade down and select Smith would be great too.
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    I disagree with Raf. we are one very good draft and one very good FA season from being a top contender.
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    I'm ok with that, I don't want to stay put at 9 unless Dareus, how I only want as a NT so we can move Ratliff to DE, or another top teir 1 is there at 9. Peterson falls to 6 all it takes is a 1st,3rd, and 6th, to move up.

    If Peterson isn't there at 6 or tier one player at 9 then trade back. Believe it or not but I don't hate Smith I just don't think he is worth the 9th spot. People say he has upside and potential to be a LT. Thats great but that doesn't mean he is a LT and IMO I think only for sure LTs should go top 10.

    If Dallas trades back and gets Smith, find by me, if they trade back and lose out on Smith but sill gets Carimi then fine by me.
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    I disagree, 2 years at most. Now, if CBA is signed and Jerry Jones can go out and sign a veteran OG or OT, and possibly a good inside linebacker or safety, then were closer to filling out the draft this year. But if we cant get some good free agents at least 3, were still 2 years away. :starspin

    Our needs are OT, OG, (possibly 2 OG's) DE, S, CB, FB, and ILB for sure. You cant fill all that in this years draft.

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