Bob Sturm decoding Dez against Saints

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by diehard2294, Nov 16, 2013.

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    So he's what we all are and that's the Cowboys aren't doing anything to free Dez up and they let the other team take him out of games.
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    I'll just sum it all up

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    Lack of creativity from the offensive coaches, no other way around it.
  5. 17yearsandcounting

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    I dont even get this. I mean TO was all over the field in 2007. I think Garrett is more interested in proving that he is the smartest man on the field rather than being a winning coach.
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    To be fair, Belichick did this against Tony Gonzalez on Sunday Night Football this year and the Saints did it when they played Calvin Johnson.
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    Complete incompetence from our entire offensive coaching staff. I'm still not sure why people think Garrett is so smart, he really lacks ability and feel for the game.
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    Tony Sparano says hello....................
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    I usually like Sturm's postings but he is slipping a bit with this: "So, rather than saying, 'We think we can dial up a night of elite offense through the air, because that's who we are," Dallas decided to try grind the game out against a Saints D they thought they could run on and "keep Drew Brees off the field." I am pretty sure that he will admit that going 0 for 9 on third down means pretty much nothing worked. To opine that coming out throwing would be the answer to all that ills is hindsight. It was a total team collapse/quit sans special teams. Does he actually think the Cowboys can dial up ANYTHING elite at this point??? I want what he's been smokin'...seriously!
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    The Key unsaid point to be taken from Sturms article..............we've seen Dez taken out of games repeatedly, with the coup de' grace in the Saints game.

    Does Garretts scheme have an answer.......or can it even be adapted to create an answer?..........
  11. Joe Rod

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    Very good observation, especially considering he pointed out Tony Romo's reluctance to take any risks with the football even when the game was slipping out of hand. Running the football was not the big problem, although perhaps they went a little extreme in an attempt to prove some point. This was a seriously embarrassing coaching job across the board.
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    I don't know how, or why some outside the Cowboys refer to Garrett as an offensive genius, but he is the exact opposite of that. He has no creativity whatsoever - seriously - the guy is a joke who happens to carry himself well and fools a lot of people into thinking he knows what he's doing. Tain't fooled me.
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