News: Bob Sturm: Decoding Garrett - Week 12 vs Philadelphia

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Dec 6, 2012.

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    The objective of any offense is production, not style points or aesthetics. So, when we are looking at how Jason Garrett's offense went about its business, we should be careful not to nitpick because we don't like how it looks. If they can get away with playing outside the normal perimeters of "fundamentally sound" or "conventionally proper" offense and still put up points and wins, then there is no issue - see Mike McCarthy up in Green Bay many weeks, where he seems to not mind not having a running game or much pass protection and also doesn't seem to mind his QB taking a number of hits every Sunday.

    Where it breaks down, of course, is when the results are not there. Then, we all want to figure out why it doesn't work and pick apart strategies and concepts and wonder why they do the things that they do.

    This is a flawed offense and it has been since the start of camp in my estimation. This means that they are not where they are because of an injury or a bad circumstance. The fact is, they have always hoped that they could develop an offensive line from the scrap heap and their work suggests that simply has not happened. They thought a new offensive line coach and a full commitment to a zone running game would really make things happen in a positive nature, but that did not work either.

    To properly ever be the juggernaut offense that they fancy themselves, and that their skill position players would suggest they should be, they simply need to address the offensive line. This is not a breaking news story nor is it a guess. In fact, they don't even argue this point anymore, but what remains unclear is why they did not arrive at this conclusion sooner - as in the offseason after 2010 or 2011.

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    Sturm does such a good job.
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    Sturm needs to go back several games and realize that Dez has been running the shorter routes since the 1st Eagles game.

    I need to go back myself and double check if he's been running those shorter routes prior to that, but I know for sure that in the 1st Eagles game he ran those shorter routes and had success.

    I like Sturm but his article comes off like the coaches just figured this out and started doing this when in fact it happened almost a month ago.
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    Its pretty remarkable the number of posters around here who were whistling past the grave-yard on this very topic back in July and August.

    And who defended Jerry and the line with great vigor and show.
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    and still claim that if not for injuries Costa and company would have a top 10 O line by now.
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    So essentially what Sturm is pointing out is what the JG bashers have been saying all along the 'genius' needs to do. Even with a crappy OL, one needs to adjust the play-calling to make things easier on the offense,including shortening the routes and attacking the middle to open up the middle.

    No, your just spinning this based upon your blind defense of Garrett. if you accept what Sturm says, than quite frankly your utter defense of Garrett in light of what Garrett bashers have been saying goes bye-bye. But keep digging a grave for yourself based upon 'perception' of what Dez was doing. The JG homers prior to this was telling us about how we are a 'vertical' offense and stretch the field with out offense, because that is ther nature of the offense, and all we need are people to 'execute'.

    Now, all of the sudden, the coaches have been shortening routes be 'design' for all this time...
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    "The fact is, they have always hoped that they could develop an offensive line from the scrap heap and their work suggests that simply has not happened."

    I agree and the reasons seem twofold: First, they thought Doug Free could be a good RT based on his past success there. But, looking back at his career, it seems that Free was successful only when Kyle Kosier was playing next to him. I don't pretend to understand why but maybe KK was able to position Free about what his responsibilities would be on each play.

    Second, Costa does appear to be a good center. We seem to be more successful when he is in the game that his backups. That said, Ryan Cook deserves kudoes for his efforts in filling in for Costa's absence due to injury.

    So for next year, we must find a good replacement for Free at RT and we need a stronger player at RG. Bernadeau has done OK but we need something better than OK there.

    Does anyone have an opinion about whether Free could play RG. It requires less lateral movement in pass protection and it occurred to me he might prosper in that environment.
  8. burmafrd

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    several people who claim to know something about O line play have said they think Free would not be a good guard; his foundation is weak and that is the first requirement of a guard- not to be bull rushed and to be able to fire straight ahead. Free appears to be weak both ways
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    Lateral movement is not Doug Free's problem anyway. He can slide as well as any tackle. His base strength and hand technique are putrid though.
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    This is the first PHI game...@PHI (Nov 11)

    A drag route to Bryant, who ran a handful of short routes in the previous qtrs prior to catching this one, right before he caught the TD on the 9 route against DRC.

    Sturm's article is written on Dec 2....and he's saying that the Cowboys went to shorter routes all of sudden in the Dec 2 game.

    Hmmm Nov 11 < Dec 2....let me think about this for a second....

    Oh that's I said the Cowboys were already doing this with Bryant before that Dec 2 game.
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    Wow.. congratulations on finding a single drag route outside of this game. You know, I can also find a single play-action as well, or an example of Romo rolling out in those games as well, but that has little relevance to the point.

    Nobody, not even Sturm, was asserting this team never ran short routes or drag routes, but continue in believing that you have some sort of non-existent point.

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