News: Bob Sturm: Garrett Overview - 6 Years of Data

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 24, 2013.

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    Wednesday, February 20, 2013

    Garrett Overview - 6 Years of Data

    I have been meaning to write something in follow up to the Garrett story I issued last week about the relative merits of the "Jason Garrett offense" and I thought today was as good as any. In fact, I would like to combine it with the requests of tweets like this one:

    any chance of that decoding Garrett over his whole time in Dallas being on the way?

    I think that this is an excellent idea, but understand in doing so, we have to actually have a plan going in that will help us not cause an avalanche of numbers that signify noth

    That aforementioned story from last week focused on the premise that although Jason Garrett's claims are technically correct - that Dallas was amongst the league leaders in offense in 2012 - the data does not provide the necessary context that would reflect my view - that Dallas' offense was both unreliable and frankly, at times disastrous for a team with post-season ambitions.

    How can it be both? Can an offense be productive relative to the rest of the league and still not be practically effective in relation to its own goal of winning 10 games and being in the tournament at year's end?

    I say, yes. And I bet Jason Garrett would, too, if he wasn't feeling like he had to defend himself to a mob of reporters who might vote him out of office if they had the power to do so.

    2012 was the 6th year of the "Jason Garrett offense". Unfortunately, my database of logging every single offensive snap by personnel grouping and formation only dates back to 2008, and I am not sure I have the time or resources to ever log the entire 2007 season (if you are interested, be my guest).

    However, the raw data on a year-by-year basis looks like this:

    Read the rest:
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    Opponent Time with the lead
    Tampa Bay 17:58
    Chicago 0:00
    New York 1:08
    Cleveland 1:16
    Washington 3:46
    Philadelphia 1:52
    Pittsburgh 10:36
    New Orleans 0:00
    Total 36:36

    I enjoy how the offensive game plan wasn't the issue with fast starts.
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    Well, of course the offensive gameplan (and by extension the OC) wasn't the problem. After all, we have a certified Princeton genius designing the gameplan. I can hardly wait until we have "what we need to truly run Garrett's offense" (as some on this site have said). Then we will see his true genius. As far as I can tell the pieces he truly needs are 8-9 pro bowl offensive linemen, 3 1500+ yd/10 td receivers, 2-3 1200+ yard backs and our current HOF TE.

    Once we have this, just watch Garrett's genius come to the forefront!!!!!

    Monte Sliger
  4. T-RO

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    That's great! Cripple an OC with absolutely no offensive line...and shoot bullets at his feet to make him dance.

    Sturm can be savvy, but he loses his way through the forest when he forgets the context in which Garret must coach: with zero muscle up front.

    Message to Bob: grow a pair stout enough to go after the real problem--our dysfunctional GM, Jerry Jones. Do that 7 days a week and twice on Sunday... Then come back to us with something thoughtful.

    Otherwise, Bob, we will start decoding yet another loser mediot, afraid to tell the truth lest you offend a sponsor.
  5. Dhragon

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    No doubt that Jerry as GM is the #1 problem with the organization. That is why I and some others want a real HC with more power (ala Parcells) as HC instead of a coach like Garrett. Regardless of Garrett's potential as a HC going forward or of what he might accomplish after he gets more experience, if Garrett cannot even get Jerry to invest in the O-line - a must - then he will never do good enough to really succeed here.

    If Garrett, with his job on the line and his offense being so-so behind a pretty poor O-line, cannot get Jerry to see the importance of major upgrades to the line (even if at the expense of WR or TE as Jerry seemed to say in another article) then he is NOT the right coach for us at this time. We cannot win with him...just can't do it.
  6. cujo

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    That was one season. We're talking about a 6 year sample here (the premise of the article). Truth is, the offense wasn't that efficient when we did have a good O-line. Moreover, if he lacks the influence or will to convince our idiot GM to invest in some O-lineman, he is clearly not the man for the job.
  7. visionary

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    So the game plan was no good and had to be scrapped for the team to even become remotely competitive....


    I wonder who was coming up with the consistently disastrous game plan?
  8. FuzzyLumpkins

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    That's fair. No why is the game plan failing?
  9. Aven8

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    And yet he still wants to call plays, and other JG homers don't think he's the problem? What a joke.
  10. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Do you even bother listening to the interviews?

    Sturm does a great job of demonstrating how Garrett's gameplans have been abject failures. So let's just nip it right in the bud before you resort to the mindless 'homer' dismissal.

    What interview are you referring to where he said 'I want to call the plays.'
  11. Aven8

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    I've listened to all of them. He was adamant. Now less adamant.

    And yet, we still don't know who will be calling plays.

    The gameplan sucks, just like the Oline.
  12. FuzzyLumpkins

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    I didn't ask if you listed to them all I asked which one he said that in. I really don't know and they are all archived so I was curious which one so I could listen to it myself.

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