News: Bob Sturm talks Cowboys with David Newbury and Rafael Vela (long)

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 19, 2013.

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    My posts are very clear, and pretty obvious. I'm content to let them stand: I see and acknowledge the drafting mistakes. You don't have any special powers of perception, and what you think you're seeing as dancing is not dancing at all.

    All that notwithstanding, Vela's chart isn't very useful. There are better ways to make the point that the team we follow is making mistakes and using FA to cover them.
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    maybe because Romo has been outstanding for much longer then 1 year.

    Maybe because Romo is a QB and Spencer is not.
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    Thanks WG, great article.
    Great detail of what I believe is a perpetual short term strategy.
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    It's 2 separate issues. The fact that Vela's list does not correlate with the point that he is trying to make is a completely separate issue from what the Cowboys have done. I don't see pointing out the flaw with the list as someone making an excuse for the Cowboys.
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    Yeah, I noticed that too. On the surface, the list didn't match results.

    But part of his point was that if you are not drafting well already (ie, your hit rate is lower) than you need more ammo to get the same results.

    This does not apply to "good drafting teams" who can, year after year, get good results with whatever number of picks they have. On the other hand, at least over this 20 year span, you could give Detroit 100 picks and they would still blow it. There was time that their drafting made our look brilliant.

    Anyway, I think we've drafted a little more sanely the last 2-3 years.

    BTW, I think Ryan pushed heavily to move up for Claiborne. His big complaint was that we had no they spent very heavily on two new ones in Claiborne (1st and 2nd rd picks) and Carr (50 million).
    When the defesne still ranked near the bottom, I think Jerry was put out--even though much of the core was gutted with injuries.

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