News: Bob Sturm's Blog: The Morning After: Cardinals 19, Cowboys 13 (7-5)

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Dec 5, 2011.

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    Yesterday, the Cowboys lost a game they really could not afford to lose. They have been threatening to do this for the last 3 games, and finally their tempting of fate came due and they lost a game that they were heavily favored to win and one that could prove extremely costly when they attempt to enter the playoffs and avoid the most difficult road possible.

    They lost a game that now takes them out of the driver's seat and makes all of the games in December just as stressful and vital as they could possibly be, despite much of the NFC trying to do the Cowboys every favor.

    And one of the reasons for this defeat - not the only reason by a long-shot - was the way their coach seemed to lose the plot a bit down the stretch in the final moments of the contest.

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    I respect Sturm's work, but saying that the loss to Arizona "took us out of the driver's seat" is hyperbole at best. We were probably going to have to win one game against the Giants whether we beat Arizona or not, and the only added pressure will be to beat a quickly fading Eagles team in Dallas, and even that might not be necessary.
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    Actually, had we beaten Arizona all we needed was one more loss from NY the rest of the way to remove the need to beat them at all. If we had won and they lose one more, we'd just have to beat Tampa and Philly. Now, we do almost have to beat them at least once.

    Basically, it was all but over for NY had we won yesterday. Up two with four to play and the Giants having to win BOTH against us and either win out or hope we lose another game against either Philly or Tampa.
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    Doesn't change the fact that we are still very much in the drivers seat in this division. Better lose this game, and hopefully get a wake up call, rather then lose to the Giants next week.
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    I like Sturm, too, but he's hit-and-miss. The sensationalism alone in this one makes it a 'miss' for me. Both because he misses with the drivers' seat comment, and because he tries to play the Garrett-doesn't-trust-Romo-enough card, which is a dumb card I can't believe anybody in the media plays with a straight face.
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    But don't you want to HAVE to beat the Giants once? This is the NFC East. You cannot get swept by the Giants and feel good about it. Sure, it is easy to say I will get in any way we can. But this team needs to HAVE to beat the Giants and DO it. The Giants don't feel as bad about losing Sunday because of who they lost to and how they competed. We have beaten the 49ers. The rest has been solid wins....but this team needs to stop letting Eli Manning come to Dallas and beat us. I hate that we lost, but I am glad that we HAVE to beat the Giants.

    As far as Philly is concerned. They embarrassed us. On national TV. That is the only game Garrett coached where we did not show up. You HAVE to exact revenge. These coaches and these players cannot walk around in fear. The Giants come to Dallas and Philly comes to Dallas. We must protect this house!
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    That's why I said "probably." Two of their four remaining games are against us, so "one more loss" really just means that they lose either to Was or @NYJ.

    The point is really that we are still in the driver's seat. If we win our two home games, we take the division. We're 5-1 at home in 2011. We don't have to count on help from the Skins or the Jets to win the division.
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    It was more painful for us fans and the team to lose this AZ game seemingly unnecessarily than it is damaging to the Cowboys postseason hopes. I'll contend this team would need to finish strong (3-1) in the final four games regardless of yesterday's outcome just for their own playoff mindset.

    A 3-1 finish still does that. Heck 2-2 might get them in, but I don't like how that bodes for playoff success.

    But unless this team finds a way to get better over the next 4 weeks (maybe getting healthy - Miles & Fiammetta - and finding a groove is good enough) then our postseason will be pretty short and meaningless anyway. Heck I think we'll need to play our best ball of the season. We'll see.
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    It's true he missed on the "drivers seat" comment. I thought the rest of the peice was typically solid, however.

    Idgit, if the "Garrett-doesn't-trust-Romo-enough" card is a dumb card to play, perhaps I'm dumb. Bailey was on a hot streak. But at the end of the day, he's a rookie. And a kicker (I'm not as hostile towards kickers as Hostile, but surely we can all agree that these guys are mercurial). In the circumstances, I can't justify taking the ball out our best player's hands with 25 seconds on the clock and two time outs to give it Bailey so that he can attempt a kick that's at the outer margins of his range.

    In any event, the other part about this piece that I liked was the well-reasoned and well-articulated case he makes for having JG pass on the OC duties to someone else so that he can concentrate on his head coaching duties exclusively. Others have suggested it; Sturm actually makes a compelling argument for it.

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