Bobby Wagner would've been the pick at 45?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bull209, Apr 27, 2012.

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    I don't want to be a negative nelly, but the prognosis on Bruce Carter is looking pretty grim. I can chalk up Dan Connor to just shoring up the position and providing insurance, but the Cowboys drafting another ILB at 47? I don't think that bodes well for him. Shame, I thought he flashed hard on special teams. I hope what I saw out of him was more an indication that he has something than the Cowboys appearing to not have that much confidence in him.
  2. rkell87

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    we didnt have pick 47?
  3. Bull209

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    45, sorry
  4. M'Kevon

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    And you know this how?????
  5. Bull209

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    according to owner Jerry Jones, the Cowboys would have taken Utah State linebacker Bobby Wagner with the 45th pick if they still had it
    4/27/12 11:26 PM
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    saw where jerry said this but wouldn't panic.
    believe jerry is saying he was highest guy on their board.
    probably meant more to note they gave 14 plus bobby wagner....

    doubt it is a shot at all at carter.
  7. JBell523

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    Now I'm REALLY glad we moved up for Claiborne. Brockers + Wagner? No thanks.
  8. TheCoolFan

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    Holy crap we dodged a bullet there! An ILB in the 2nd round is unacceptable when we have Lee, Connor, and Carter.
  9. Galian Beast

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    The Cowboys are concentrated most on getting good players regardless of their position, with obvious reservations at certain positions.

    Both Sean Lee and Bruce Carter have had injuries. Carter isn't a proven, and Connor isn't either. Who knows if he will work out in the 3-4. We only signed him for 2 years.

    Overreact much?
  10. TheCoolFan

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    You don't draft in the 2nd round for depth and "potential injury." If they did their homework on Carter and Connor and like those guys then they have to live with them. Connor and Carter unproven? You could say the exact same thing about Wagner and yet it would still be OK to take him in the 2nd? *Shrugs*

    2nd rounder should be an immediate impact starter, not an insurance player
  11. big dog cowboy

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    It's called drafting your board not drafting for need.
  12. Manwiththeplan

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    but at what point do you not draft the same position with early picks. Sean Lee has shown pro-bowl potential, and while Bruce Carter is an unkown, Dan Connor has proven to be a solid player. If you draft Wagner in the 2nd or Wilber in the 4th and they play well, what do you do next year when the top player on your board in the first is another ILB?

    Whether you draft the BPA at every pick or draft for need every pick, you will fail, can't do it all one way and expect to build a good team.
  13. TheCount

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    I knew we were in for an interesting draft once I heard that.

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