News: Bob's Blog– The Morning After: Cowboys 27, Redskins 24

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    Last week, Jason Witten spoke with superlatives dripping after the dismantling of Buffalo when asked about his Quarterback's performance: "Probably the best game I’ve seen him play where he’s just picking them apart," were his exact words in describing a near-perfect day from Tony Romo.

    One would guess that there is a new "best" award to be distributed this week. As in, best performance by a QB in the 4th Quarter and Overtime to do everything he could to drag his team to a victory and then almost single-handidly prevent that victory in classic fashion. That award may sound a bit wordy, so elaboration is certainly necessary.

    The Cowboys needed a win in Washington on Sunday in the worst way. If things worked out as the day went on (and they did) then Dallas could sit in 1st place in the NFC East by simply beating a team that hadn't led in a game in 49 days.

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    The media still can't get it that the referees are told not to allow the timeout and it ends up only a delay of game penalty. The rule being cited only deals with the rare times that the referee's themselves go ahead and allow the timeout.
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    @MikePereira in the Cowboys game what would have been the penalty for Romo calling timeout when the team was out of timeouts?

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    @AndrewLeibowitz officials ignore the request

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