Boomer Rangs final mock drive-don't like it.

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    Selection #
    Team Name
    Player Specifics
    San Diego
    Eli Manning - QB - 6'4 - 210 - Mississippi
    The safest pick in the draft. If the Chargers trade this pick, Eli is just #1 overall for some other team... You might as well assume the Giants are selecting here, because they will be come pick time...
    Robert Gallery - OT - 6'7 - 315 - Iowa
    Whether it is for the Raiders or someone else, Gallery is the likely #2 pick of this draft.
    Larry Fitzgerald - WR - 6'3 - 190 - Pittsburgh**
    Roy Williams is higher on many teams' boards, but not necessarily on Arizona's. Not a huge need, but a special talent. Be careful here though - if EVERYONE agrees on a pick, it is usually cause for concern...
    New York Giants
    Philip Rivers - QB - 6'3 - 225 - NC State
    Imagine if the Giants elect to stay put at #4 and elect to draft a quarterback with a higher upside than Manning, anyway. Rivers appears to be higher on several teams boards, at this point, and is closer to seeing the field. You might as well assume the Chargers are selecting here, because they will be come pick time...
    Kellen Winslow II - TE - 6'4 - 240 - Miami**
    The Redskins will almost surely get their choice between the two Miami superstars here. Each would be a spectacular addition, but Winslow fills the bigger need.
    Sean Taylor - S - 6'2 - 200 - Miami*
    Expect the Lions to take whoever of the elite six is remaining - in this case Taylor, but just as easily could be Winslow. The Lions would like to add an offensive playmaker here, but the Lions just as desperately - and perhaps even more so - need defensive playmakers. Look for a potential trade down here with Houston or New England looking to grab Taylor and Detroit moving down. The Lions like Kevin Jones a lot...
    Roy Williams - WR - 6'4 - 210 - Texas
    Whether this pick is owned by Cleveland, Oakland, or someone else Roy Williams is considered by NFL teams to be a top 7 pick. Cleveland is certainly looking to move up to take Gallery at #2. Don't be surprised by an NBA-like after-pick trade between Oakland and Cleveland, with Cleveland getting Gallery and Oakland only looking to trade him if they are assured of Roy Williams.
    DeAngelo Hall - CB - 5'11 - 185 - Virginia Tech*
    There might be other players who make more sense for the Falcons, but Hall fills a need and is so athletic someone would trade up to get him, at this point, if the Falcons wanted out.
    Kenechi Udeze - DE - 6'3 - 280 - USC*
    The Jags could certainly use a receiver here and might jump at Roy Williams if he fell to this point. Just as much of a need, however, is at defensive end. Ignore the shoulder injury talk - there is a small tear, but nothing that will cause him to miss any time this season...
    Tommie Harris - DL - 6'3 - 280 - Oklahoma*
    As athletic as the NFL has seen at this position in years, don't be surprised at all if Charlie Casserly has been playing the media for the past month hoping this kid falls to him. He almost surely will... A team that is definitely exploring its trade options; seems particularly interested in Sean Taylor...
    Ben Roethlisberger - QB - 6'5 - 240 - Miami (Ohio)*
    Roethlisberger likely won't make it past Pittsburgh at #11, and very easily may not make it this far, as teams will be looking to trade up for him. Cornerback and offensive tackle are just as big of needs and there will be veteran QBs available, but this kid just seems destined to wear a Pittsburgh uniform.
    12 New York Jets 6-10 Dunta Robinson - CB - 5'11 - 185 - South Carolina The Jets are looking to address both cornerback and linebacker early in this draft. Robinson would be a great choice, at this point.
    Will Smith - DE - 6'4 - 250 - Ohio State
    Receiver is another clear need and could just as easily be the pick, but Smith would give the Bills the pressure off the edge former high picks Kelsay and Denney have thus far failed to do.
    Vince Wilfork - DT - 6'1 - 350 - Miami*
    The Bears have publicly announced their interest for Wilfork, which is a bit troubling as they are known for ignoring their future picks and touting others... Still, Wilfork would be a great fit here. Is actively looking at trading down.
    Tampa Bay
    Steven Jackson - RB - 6'1 - 225 - Oregon State
    May not slip this far, because this kid is legitimately talented. Tampa could use an influx of talent at this position even with Charlie Garner, Michael Pittman. How teams pass on this kid after the 10th pick or so is beyond me...
    San Francisco
    Reggie Williams - WR - 6'4 - 215 - Washington*
    The fact that this kid makes it all the way down to #16 is a testament to the talent of this draft. Williams could drop lower than this due to concerns over his alignment with the Poston brothers, etc. but he deserves to be a top ten pick... Strongly considering a trade down with Philadelphia to #28
    Denver (from Cincinnati )
    Kevin Jones - RB - 6'0 - 215 - Virginia Tech*
    The Broncos will have plenty of options with this pick and will might have to choose between a star RB or WR here. Kevin Jones plays a lot like Clinton Portis...
    New Orleans
    DJ Williams - OLB - 6'3 - 240 - Miami
    Shouldn't fall this far, but might because of the anticipated run on receivers and defensive linemen. The most athletic and the highest upside of a solid LB class.
    Jonathan Vilma - LB - 6'2 - 220 - Miami
    Athletic, instinctive linebacker who might not have the upside of his teammate DJ Williams, but might enjoy the better rookie season.
    Shawn Andrews - OT - 6'6 - 350 - Arkansas*
    Behemoth tackle prospect whose talent should have him drafted earlier, but whose waist line could cause him to drop even lower.
    New England (from Baltimore)*
    10-6 (Baltimore’s record)
    Michael Boulware - OLB/S - 6'2 - 220 - Florida State
    Athletic, versatile player skyrocketing up the board late. Some see him as an OLB prospect, others at strong safety. Pats like his athleticism and upside. Look for New England to potentially trade out of this pick to someone looking to steal the last 1st round back from Dallas.
    Greg Jones - RB - 6'1 - 250 - Florida State
    Greg Jones moved up into the 1st round with an at-times dominating Senior Bowl week. His physicality and size make a lot of sense in Bill Parcells' offense...
    Karlos Dansby - OLB - 6'3 - 235 - Auburn
    Intriguing athletic ability and versatility makes him a nice fit for a Seattle defense looking to play the run and rush the passer from the OLB position.
    Cincinnati (from Denver)
    Marcus Tubbs - DT - 6'4 - 330 - Texas
    Enjoyed a great senior season and has the size and ability to be one of the top defensive linemen from this draft. Several teams in the early twenties are high on this kid...
    Green Bay
    Junior Siavii - DT - 6'4 - 330 - Oregon
    Enjoyed a phenomenal senior season and is shooting up boards. Looking for the surprise 1st round player for this draft, Siavii could easily be the guy.
    St. Louis
    Ben Troupe - TE - 6'5 - 265 - Florida
    With only Brandon Manumaleuna signed at tight end, he Rams have got to look for help at this position. Troupe is among the top values on the board, at this point, and may not make it this far. JP Losman, Greg Jones, and Vern Carey are all other legitimate options here.
    27 Tennessee 12-4 Vernon Carey - OL - 6'4 - 330 - Miami The defensive line is an area of need that is getting all of the press, but at this point, no DL is worthy of the pick. Carey remains a legitimate 1st round prospect. Whether for the Titans or Eagles (next pick) or someone else, this is about where to expect Carey...
    Devery Henderson - WR - 6'0 - 185 - LSU
    The Eagles have actively looked at moving both up and down from this pick, eyeing talent at RB, LB, CB, and WR. Henderson has the raw speed and playmaking ability to cause teams to hesitate in double-teaming Owens.
    Ahmad Carroll - CB - 5'10 - 180 - Arkansas*
    Superior speed and quickness make this kid one of the more intriguing cornerbacks in the draft. Could be very successful in Dungy's two-deep scheme.
    Kansas City
    Lee Evans - WR - 5'10 - 185 - Wisconsin
    Not necessarily the best fit for a team seemingly needing a defensive overhaul, but the Chiefs receivers are quietly a mediocre group, as well and Evans just might prove to be the most NFL-ready of the rookie wideouts.
    Michael Clayton - WR - 6'3 - 185 - LSU*
    Carolina's need for a bigger wideout to play opposite Steve Smith is no secret. Clayton is a terrific receiver prospect and should be drafted much earlier than here. The Panthers would be doing back flips down the aisle-way if he remained.
    New England
    Dwan Edwards - DT - 6'3 - 290 - Oregon State
    Intelligent, consistent defensive tackle who has improved every year of his career and can step in and contribute early. Would fit in nicely here.
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    No way will Dallas take Greg Jones at 22, that would be a huge stretch in my opinion and I would rather see them get Perry anyway.
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    I agree on Jones but don't want Perry either. Jones has the type of skills and potential that makes GM's drool, although I will be disappointed if we take the bait in the first. He was a stud as a jr, but right when he was gaining national recognition he blew his knee out. This year he didn't even gain 700 yards and wasn't that productive. Gambling a first round pick that he eventually regains his form is very risky. A player like Curtis Enis who was also a big back was never the same after his knee injury. He came back, but never showed the form he had at Penn State. Edge James has come back and was very good last year, but I wouldn't even say he has gotten 100% of his skills.
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    Evans and Clayton at the bottom of the 1st? No way. Those guys are both mid round talent.
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    Man, I'm a FSU fan and I don't even want Greg Jones. Especially in the 1st, but it makes me feel good that he was way off on his mock last year. So i'm hoping the same for this year . :eek:
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    no way in hell we are getting greg jones at 22....

    if we dont get kevin jones... i believe we should trade down and get the best talent available.... and get tatum bell at 2nd or 3rd round.... JMO
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