Boston College LB Mark Herzlich had a titanium rod placed in his left leg

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    Mark Herzlich-LB- Player Jan. 28 - 9:53 am et
    Boston College LB Mark Herzlich had a titanium rod placed in his left leg after battling Ewing's Sarcoma in 2009.

    This may help explain Herzlich's reduced cover skills after overcoming cancer. He deserves all the credit in the world for beating the disease, of course, and doing so could cause some teams to "fall in love" with Herzlich as the draft approaches. We aren't convinced he'll slip past the third round.
    Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    MOBILE, ALA. • It was a great story — no, make that an inspirational story — when Mark Herzlich beat cancer and returned to the football field this fall for Boston College.

    Now, he's trying to add another improbable chapter to the tale — making it in the National Football League.

    "It's really surreal, to be honest, to be here with all these great players," Herzlich said. "You always dream about coming to the Senior Bowl and going to the NFL. And to have that taken away from you and then get it back, you cherish it even that much more."
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    I don't know why this is considered breaking news, this has been common knowledge for a while.

    I would absolutely use a mid round pick on him. He was a ACC Defensive Player of the year and was told by the NFL scouting committee that he would have been a potential late 1st round draft pick before the cancer, and he's only a year removed from the chemo and radiation treatments. He's going to get stronger and better with more time, and no one is going to out work him. A think he's going to be a Bart Scott/Ted Johnson/Brandon Spikes thumper at Mike ILB in a 3-4, and a demon on special teams.
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    Nice story and it is great how he has fought to return to football but I would stay away from guys with a medical history like his. Each year we seem to draft a player who is coming off some big injury and it seems to never pay off for us.
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    I'd consider him, for sure. Exactly the type of guy we need in the middle of our defense.
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    I believe he had 10+ picks his last 2 years.

    We don't need any of that around here.

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