Boston Globe writer gives list of his top 10 prospects for NE

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DLCassidy, Apr 16, 2006.

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    This is a pretty good list and the draft needs of the Patriots and Cowboys have some things in common.

    Tye Hill is the only CB I would consider moving Anthony Henry to CB for.

    Sinorice Moss would be a potential steal for us in the 2nd.

    I would be thrilled with Cedric Griffin in the 3rd. Anthony Smith would be ok in the 3rd also. Maurice Stovall is an underrated player IMO.

    We're all interested in Carpenter and Lawson. Will Blackmon could be on our radar if we pick up a late 3rd. As I say I like this list a lot.

    No NT's, but NE doesn't need one. Thoughts?
  2. AbeBeta

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    NE is a fascinating draft team.

    They don't draft for need or use consensus BPA. They focus on how a player FITS with what they do. That means for NE, a guy like Greenway might be in their top 5 whereas he's be only top 15 for most teams.

    NE shows more than anyone what a consistent philosophy does for you. If you have that sort of ideological view of your team then you can draft to it. This is a big part of their success.

    And I think we all know where that approach comes from.
  3. NorthTexan95

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    NE also shows what a help it is to have Bill Parcells draft the basis of your team for you.
  4. PAISAN247

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    parcells built the foundation and belidummy just added the drwall and nails and now hes labeled a "genius" ...........overrated if u ask me
  5. Big Country

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    The difference in the drafting needs between Dallas and NE this year is Dallas needs offensive line... The link shows nary an O-lineman as a need for NE. NE just needs to restock players to all their systems...
  6. junk

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    Which shows why a team will fail if they pass on a guy because they don't think he is worth 18, but is worth 25.

    If you like a player, fits your system, he is worth more on your board than he is on others. Pick him and don't worry about it.
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    Same here.

    Griffin sounds like a better safety prospect than corner to me, but he'd likely start out as a slot defender in the nickel and dime unless he just wowed the coaches at free safety and they wanted to keep him deep all the time.

    Gets knocked for underachieving prior to Charlie Weiss, but I haven't heard anyone doing that to Brady Quinn.

    He has game speed and with a 6-4 frame, I'd love to groom him behind the Ego and Terry Glenn for a year (most likely) or two.

    A couple of other sites have speculated on using Carpenter instead rather than outside in a 3-4 scheme.

    We may noy have a need inside after signing Yo Yo, but Parcells craves versatility and Carpenter seems to have it.

    I hope Law Dog is on Big Bill's radar.
  8. DLCassidy

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    Or more likely they may conclude Greenway is not a good fit for the 3-4.
  9. DLCassidy

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    I don't get your point here. If our board has a guy worth 25, why would we take him at 18? Doing that consistently doesn't sound like a formula for success to me. If you're going to draft the guy you have ranked 25th at 18, what's the use of having a board at all?:confused:

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