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Boston Herald: John McCain's Sarah is no plain jane

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Angus, Aug 31, 2008.

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    John McCain’s Sarah is no plain Jane

    By Margery Eagan
    Sunday, August 31, 2008 - Updated 3h ago
    Boston Herald Columnist


    John McCain has Jane Swift-boated the GOP.

    It’ll either prove the most brilliant move of his moribund campaign - or its death knell.

    Here’s the joke making the rounds: It’s the vice presidential debate. The moment Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin mentions Hillary, Joe Biden does a Lloyd Bentsen.

    “I know Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a friend of mine, and Governor, you’re no Hillary Clinton.”

    But here’s Palin’s drop-dead reply: “Senator, I know your running mate, Barack Obama. And he’s no Hillary Clinton either.”

    Bada boom, bada bing.

    When I heard the news Friday, I was incensed. Total tokenism. Pandering. Insulting. I’ve calmed down - a little. Now I realize: Selecting her is semi-tokenism and partial pandering based on McCain’s insulting assumption that for millions of female voters, it’s all about estrogen and payback.

    First, the good Palin stuff: There’s something to be said for having a serious woman on the ticket. Palin is an achiever. Through Obama, black boys have their role model. Through Palin little girls, black and white, have theirs.

    She’s also a reformer. As governor she passed major tax increases on oil production, enraging oil companies but raising billions for her state. Now every Alaskan will receive a $1,200 rebate check. In the process, she accused fellow legislators of taking oil company bribes to keep oil taxes low. Can you think of another politician who’s done anything of the sort? She also took an anti-boondoggle stance on Alaska’s so-called bridge to nowhere.

    Then there’s the Frontier Fraulein appeal. The “moose burger.” The bear skins and animal heads on the walls. She supports the National Rifle Association, is and pro-life and into Creationism, thus helping McCain’s conservative credentials. Alaskans love her. She’s good-looking in that librarian-with-glasses style, hair piled up on her head. Take off the glasses. Let down the hair. Va-va-va voom. Her husband (the “First Dude”) is a macho steelworker and snowmobile racing champ. Their eldest son is off to Iraq - on Sept 11.

    But then there’s the aforementioned Jane Swift factor. As Massachusetts learned, it’s impossible to run a state with three kids under 3 and a six-hour commute. Can you run a nation with three kids under 7, including an infant with special needs, plus two teenagers? (That’s five kids with the Mitt Romney-esque names of Track, Trig, Willow, Piper and Bristol.) Answer: Yes - if you ignore them.

    And for the Obamified, there’s worry she’ll hurt him by exciting both McCain’s ho-hum supporters and those marauding female Democrats still enraged about Hillary (nearly half of her 18 million have not yet moved to Obama). Here’s another problem for Oba-mites: Every time they bring up Palin’s experience gap, it not only reminds voters of Obama’s thin resume but comes across as sexist piling-on by the guy who stole Hillary’s job.

    When Palin got up Friday and said, “turns out the women of America are not finished yet and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all” - well, I could feel the blood pounding through marauders’ veins, the temptation to ditch principle and vote Palin to get even with Obama, the sexist media dogs at MSNBC and the nasty party elders who kept mum.

    Now McCain, 72, might keel over soon, leaving in charge the new governor of Alaska (where penguins and polar bears outnumber people) and the ex-mayor of Wasilla (size of a large urban high school). Risky though that is, McCainiacs can argue: What’s riskier? McCain dying, which is unlikely, or Obama winning, meaning President No-Experience takes over Day 1?

    Bottom line: McCain’s Palin pander could work.


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