Both Kowalski and Arkin looking good?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RSM94, Jul 26, 2013.

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    Well this year he has legitimate NFL talent at C. That's big. He also has a more mature and experienced Tyron Smith at LT. That should help too. I expect improvement. Won't be good enough, but improvement.

    What I pointed out was if Hudson Houck was a washed up coach and Bill Callahan is a huge upgrade we should have seen some semblance of improved play from our OL last year. From somebody. We didn't. Because the OL coach has zero to do with why our OL has struggled in recent years.

    I don't doubt Bill Callahan can coach a good OL. He's done it in the past. When he had better personnel.
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    Well, hopefully next season the Cowboy can trade Brandon Carr. Mo Claiborne, Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, Barry Church, Danny McCray, J.J. Wilcox and all other players in the secondary and finally get some good dlineman and olinemen.

    That's the ticket!
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    That logic doesn't necessarily hold up to scrutiny. If the system is completely different, there would be a learning process that would have to take place... particularly if the young guys had only learned an inferior scheme from an inferior coach.

    If, for instance, the previous scheme was extremely easy to learn and easy to execute (ie, doesn't ask much from the players), then going to a system they had never played in, using techniques they'd never been taught, in a system that is inherently more complex, and having to learn it quickly... they very well might have a period of extremely poor play prior to figuring it all out. And it could be that way even if their current coach is better than their first one. Throw in injuries, and the decline in the lines production would be even more pronounced.

    I'm not saying that it was that way for sure... just that it is certainly feasible that they could have a decline in production initially, even with superior coaching. In that case, they inevitably would end up being better player who are better coached.

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