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Bowman arrested

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TVMan, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. TVMan

    TVMan Active Member

    820 Messages
    74 Likes Received
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    NFL Hopeful Arrested Near Chattanooga

    ATHENS, Tenn. (AP) -- Authorities said former Oklahoma State receiver and NFL hopeful Adarius Bowman has been charged with simple possession of marijuana near his hometown of Chattanooga.

    McMinn County Jail Officer Cody Price said Bowman was arrested Tuesday night and released after posting a $500 bond.

    He was scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.

    Officials could not immediately provide details of the arrest, which was first reported by The Daily Post-Athenian.

    Bowman declined comment when reached on the phone by The Associated Press. His agent, Brian Overstreet, did not immediately return a message left at his office.

    In two years at Oklahoma State, Bowman ranked fourth in school history in receptions with 127 and total yards with 2,187.

    Bowman transferred after being dismissed from North Carolina following a citation for possession of marijuana that was later dismissed.

    (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

  2. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

    13,899 Messages
    5 Likes Received
    At this rate he may be a steal in the 5th or 6th round.
  3. TheCount

    TheCount Pixel Pusher

    23,169 Messages
    3,817 Likes Received
    Steal? Did you read the article.

    We aren't talking poor workout numbers anymore, we're talking sheer stupidity.
  4. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

    13,899 Messages
    5 Likes Received
    Yeah I read it, you think he is the only prospect enjoying some of gods natural green? No, he was the only one stupid enough to get caught. He would be a steal in the 5th or 6th round.

    I tend to think if Castillo could get caught using roids, slide in the draft and become a very good player in the NFL after making a dumb mistake then the Chargers got a steal. Same can apply for Bowman.
  5. ThatsmyQB

    ThatsmyQB Benched

    1,221 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    ANYONE this ******** to possess POT less the a month away from getting drafted into the NFL is DUMBER Then PACMAN, and that says a lot.
  6. dbair1967

    dbair1967 Arch Defender

    30,783 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    WR's who run 4.7's and get busted with weed= rookie free agents

  7. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Staff Member

    65,795 Messages
    20,078 Likes Received
    This guy just got dropped from many draft boards.
  8. Rack Bauer

    Rack Bauer Federal Agent

    22,917 Messages
    1,017 Likes Received
    Exactly. If the freakin' moron is STUPID ENOUGH to be carrying that crap around when he's about to get a job that'll pay him probably MILLIONS, then imagine how stupid he'll be when he already has his millions?

    No FREAKIN' thank you.
  9. ologan

    ologan Well-Known Member

    4,028 Messages
    385 Likes Received
  10. DaBoys4Life

    DaBoys4Life Benched

    15,621 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    i don't think a lil bit of weed is enough to judge him like that.
  11. TheCount

    TheCount Pixel Pusher

    23,169 Messages
    3,817 Likes Received
    Maybe you don't, but Judges do.

    You're going to the NFL and you can't be squeaky clean for a couple of months just in case? It's just plain stupid.
  12. DaBoys4Life

    DaBoys4Life Benched

    15,621 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    It makes no sense to judge a person for having a little bit of weed to say when they get more money that would lead up to X amount of bad things. Only time can tell these things not all players that are caught with drugs are auto bad people. We could name some cowboys, yankees, bulls, any sport basically all i am saying is that a little bit of weed in no way shape of form looks bad on his character or his decision making. He likes to smoke some weed unless you are one of the few people who have never tried the stuff before then i don't see how you can judge. Didn't a top 5 pick last year admitt to smoking weed before lets get it together people.
  13. TheCount

    TheCount Pixel Pusher

    23,169 Messages
    3,817 Likes Received
    I completely disagree. It does, in varying shapes and forms, say bad things about his character and decision making.

    What does my having tried or not trying something mean I can't judge someone as stupid for putting their future at risk to get high? Do we require our judges to commit murder and rape before they can judge someone guilty of it?

    Calvin Johnson admitted to smoking weed at some point in his life, he was not caught with it three weeks before the draft and arrested.
  14. DaBoys4Life

    DaBoys4Life Benched

    15,621 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    What i'm saying is that how you going to see he surfers from poor decision making if he got caught with a lil bit of weed if you have done/ do it yourself. It's cool to try and act all high and matter but it doesn't work if you yourself is doing the same act. Its just he got caught like someone else said if this kid carried around weed on him for the past 7 years no1 questioned him untill 3 weeks for the draft i don't see how the speaks of his character. People are going to be theirselves the NFL doesn't make mandatory piss test for all rookies so i guess he thought its been fine up until now so whats the difference.

    Your not the judge of this case your forming an idea about someone based off an isolated incident when it really isn't that serious. For you to even take it to rape or murder which is the extreme doesn't make your point any valid. I think this lil bit of weed is on the same level as an unpaid parking ticket and someone put a bench warrant out for his arrest.
  15. Aven8

    Aven8 Well-Known Member

    9,412 Messages
    6,875 Likes Received
    I wouldn't get this guy for a dime bag! I watched him play against Tech last year and he stinks. If we are going on physiques then maybe, but he is slow, and can't play the game. If you can't dominate against Techs defense, then how are you going to do it against Philly's? No thank you.
  16. TheCount

    TheCount Pixel Pusher

    23,169 Messages
    3,817 Likes Received
    I don't even know what to say to this. Wow.

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