boy Jarrett, Jaiquawn SS nooooo

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    I watched him play tonite - had a int - but say him make no tackles - not even piling on

    and this what a couple of site say about him

    Read & React: Intelligent player with the football instincts necessary to start at the next level. Though he likes to attack run plays before the snap, his quickness and football intelligence allows him to get back into the deep third to be a factor in play action. Patient on misdirection, keeps his eyes in the backfield, plants and drives to the ball once it's clear where the play is going.

    Man Coverage: Not asked to play a lot of man coverage, but owns the speed, change-of-direction agility and physicality to handle tight ends and running backs man-up and trail receivers over the middle. Backpedal is good for a safety, stays low and fluid, and will plant and drive to close. Needs more experience in man coverage.

    Zone Coverage: Plays the part of a versatile cover-two safety well. Reacts quickly and lays big hits on receivers sitting down in front of him, rarely misses the tackle. Also comes across the field to lay a shoulder into unwitting ballcarrier. Makes quarterbacks pay for poor decisions with interceptions, but will allow some throws with pace to go through his hands. Can dislodge the ball from receivers' hands during or after the catch with his hands or a big hit.

    Closing/Recovery: Has the requisite speed for the position, able to close on the ball quickly as a run defender and while the ball is in the air. Capable blitzer, works hard to get through blocks inside, even though he lacks the bulk or strength to overwhelm them. Recovers from false steps quickly. Occasionally overpursues plays because of his aggressive nature.

    Run Support: Willing and able in run support. Flows through traffic to the ball inside. Flies up from the secondary when smelling the run, drops his hips and pops backs in the hole or slams into backs with his shoulder to halt them. When lined up on the hash, gets outside the play to force it back inside to the linebackers. Defeat cut blocks with quickness and hands. Relatively strong but has only adequate size, can be easily washed out of plays by linemen and fullbacks.

    Tackling: Solid in the open field, capable of breaking down and getting square and low to form tackle. Bring his hips to wrap and deliver a strong blow when attacking run plays near the line. Has enough speed to get angles on ballcarriers heading to the sideline. Will be the second or third body into a pile to stop its forward progress. Gives great effort but lacks great bulk and strength; bigger backs can through his tackle attempts if they have a head of steam. Also needs stronger hands to get off receiver blocks downfield more consistently. Long-time special teams contributor, can work inside and outside on coverage units and is on the hands team.
    Intangibles: Took over as the secondary's leader during spring 2010 practices. Coaches have nothing but good words to say about him, as he works hard in the class room and puts in time studying the playbook and his opponent. First name pronounced JAY-kwahn.

    I don't see it

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