News: Boys D on NFL playbook

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by kilz, Aug 30, 2005.

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    "If you want to pass on the Cowboys should've done it last year."

    Sterling Sharpe
  2. kmp77

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    hah, funny quote.
  3. dallascowboysfan31

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  4. Ken

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    Also said that the Cowboys geared their offseason to beat the Eagles. They feel if they can stop TO, then they make the Eagles one dimensional. I agree.

    Said that the cowboys don't have to worry about the Redskins too. :)

    Good segment, they were actually spot on with their analysis.
  5. The30YardSlant

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    When have we EVER had to worry about the Redskins? Even in our 1-15 year, we beat them..... :lmao:
  6. Bizwah

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    Am I the only one worried about our run defense?

    I've never thought of the 3-4 as a strong run defense. We certainly don't have the beef in the front seven that other 3-4 defenses have.

    We allowed the Texans over 5.3 yards a carry. Shaun Alexander had some good runs against us....We play Thomlinson, whoever the Denver RB is, Holmes, K. Jones, Jackson, Barber, and Portis.

    We have to stop the run.

    If you aren't worried, then maybe do something to alleviate my fears.
  7. BigDFan5

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    Having Jason Ferguson in the starting lineup on week 1 will help our run game alot
  8. Nors

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    I saw that

    Noted Dallas 3-4 DE is #1 Defense in fewest points allowed. Transition going great. Did a big thing on now Roy is being used where he is at his best - in box on the run support. Did a Ware thing - showed all his plays. Showed Tnews Int -

    They even went so far to say Dallas could challeng Eagles and be "more" than just a playoff team.....
  9. BadKarma

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    Looks like we're getting a little love for once. If we can get Ferg and Spears in the lineup, we're going to have great depth on the D-Line.

    I really believe we're going to surprise the Eagles this year. Maybe we won't win the division, but the days of being the Eagles whipping boys are numbered.
  10. Ken

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    Now, I am not 100% sold that we will be great against the run, but we should be better. Better simply because we have gotten bigger in our front seven, and a lot more athletic. My consternation comes from our outside LBs inexperience in the 3-4. Ware is going to be a terror in pass rush situations, but he still is a work in progress against the run.

    I believe Ware will progress, but right now he is taking on every block and not getting off of it quick enough. It will come though.

    As far as the size of our D, we are not as bad as most people think.

    Looking at Pitt's sizes.....
    Aaron smith is 298
    Hamption is 325
    Vanoleffan is 299

    vs, ours
    Ellis- 275- but Canty is going to play a bunch and he is 295.
    Coleman is 295 and Spears and Ratlff are both 290 +.
    Ferguson is 310 according to BP and Glover is bigger than Pitts backup Hoke.

    LBs For Pitt
    Porter is 6'3" 250lbs.
    Larry Foot is 6' 233lbs.
    Farrior is 6'2" 243lbs.
    Haggans is a monster at 6'4" but only 243.

    Ware is 6'3" 255lbs.
    Dat is 5'10 240lbs.
    Brady James is 6'2" 243lbs.
    Al is listed at 6'2 233 but reports have him at 250lbs. Not to mention Burnette at 6'3" 240.

    Throw in a 235lbs. freight train and size is roughly the same. Pitt is slightly bigger, but we will get bigger when the rooks start to play on our DL. A line with Spears and Canty at Ends and Ferguson at NT is damn big.

    Inexperience really is our major achillies. Our Secondary should not be affected, they should excell this year. I believe our DL is going to excell this year. For some reason I think our MLBs are going to be fine.

    Our OLBS are the ones that need to do the most adjusting. Als never played it, ware is at a new postion. Burnette's never played it and is a rook. Heck, Thorton is playing a new position and never played it.

    We HAVE to pick up a vet here, IMO. Only for a steadying influence, really.

    I really have evey confidence that we will be a stout defense this year that will only get better as the season progresses.

    Feel any better?
  11. Chocolate Lab

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    Hey, that's great! It's almost a surprise to see any positive press on us anymore.

    Holding Johnson down like we did must have gotten their attention. ;)

    I sure hope they keep it up... I don't think I can take another year of our D getting shredded. :(
  12. followthestar

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    our defense didn't give up a touchdown, and only a great punt return gave them a long FG. this is against the Texans. we didn't do as well against the others, but then again we're showing i think significant progress from one week to the next. in a couple weeks with Spears and Ferguson returning, this will be a monster D.
    we may not dominate in all aspects right from the get-go, but with our depth we should compete well in the fourth quarters, and if we make the playoffs i think we will have a distinct advantage, due to depth.
    next year we will add even more talent to this team...
  13. Letemburn

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    Man im loving it, something positive on our boys. Gets me more ready for the regular season, not long at all! Got my hometown Louisville's biggest rivalry game against Kentucky coming up this Sunday so now i have a dallas game and louisville game this week and then the regular season the following week, man i love it
  14. Wolverine

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    I think the more then just a playoff team will be alot more real in the 2006 season.

    10-6 and a Wild Card spot and I will be happy and look at 2005 as a good season. And also be happy knowin #6 aint to far away.
  15. Duane

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    I like that analysis Ken. When Hos, BZ and Ad were at the Arizona game they said that Singleton looked bigger than 233 pds.
  16. BadKarma

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    I saw him up close here in Oxnard and I can attest to it - he looks to be one of the bigger LBs we have. Definitely more than the 233lbs he's currently listed at.

    Now you want to talk big, Canty is huge! Guy isn't just tall - he's filled out. I just hope he can earn his way into the starting lineup.
  17. Nors

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    Take that with a grain of salt, They aloso reported(being there) that Romo had no arm in pregame, was small and Henson was the stud.

    Parcells today said Henson aint ready - Romo will be #2.

    Als - is a 4-3 OLB that is not a fit here and may be a sprise cut.... He carries a $2M cap target on his back and Burnett is our future!
  18. VACowboy

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    Pittsburgh plays a 3-4 set more purely than anyone in the league and they led the league in rushing defense last year. A defense's ability to stop the run isn't a product of its alignment.
  19. Chocolate Lab

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    Even a thread purely about our defense gets the Romo-Henson muck dragged into it... :bang2:
  20. smashmouth

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    Let's not forget that Parcells predominantly played a 3-4 even when AZ,Seattle, and Tx ran 3 and 4 receiver sets.

    In the Texans game, he still ran a 3-4 but he did try to atleast to match up with their 3 and 4 receiver sets with a nickel.

    I would try Glover at DE some as well, he's too good to keep off the field, but you need Ferg to man that middle.

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