Boys First Two Picks In 2013 Draft?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by kirkjrk, Jul 2, 2012.

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    Parcells' had multiple draft picks that didn't have the correct mental-makeup. Jacob Rogers, Barbie Carpenter, T. Newman, etc..

    newmann was JERRYS PICK

    2003 draft Newman

    The night before the 2003 draft, scouts and personnel people wanted the team to draft Terence Newman, the cornerback from Kansas State, if he was available.
    Parcells preferred Oklahoma State defensive tackle Kevin Williams.
    Owner/general manager Jerry Jones took Parcells out to dinner and convinced him Newman was the better choice. T

    he next day, Dallas selected Newman as the No. 5 pick in the first round, and he's started every game since.

    "It's been off and on," said Larry Lacewell, the Cowboys' retired scouting director, who worked with Parcells in his first two seasons in Dallas. "Under Parcells, it was him. Before, it was scouts and whoever. ... We got Jerry and Stephen [Jones] to take him out and made him mad and told him we're going to take Newman."
    Coaches wanting one player and scouts wanting another is a common occurrence in NFL draft rooms.

    By CALVIN WATKINS / The Dallas Morning News
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    I was going to congratulate you on finding a good story, then I got to the end and saw that it was by Calvin Watkins.

    Watkins is one of, if not the worst sports journalist in history.
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    Terrence Newman was a bad pick?
  4. KB1122

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    Back on topic, I'll go ahead and say it .... quarterback.
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    Going to have to start that grooming process soon.

    I don't really understand McGee's role on this team, so the sooner he is gone, the better.
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    Not a bad idea but signing Orton to 3-year deal makes it less of an issue for now.

    That being said, Jerry (or wheover is in charge) seems to change draft philosophies yearly so we could draft a QB 1st round in 2013.
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    I like to see us grab either one of these guys

    Tyler Bray*, QB, Tennessee
    Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas

    in the first or

    Alex Carder, QB, Western Michigan

    in the 3rd

    so Chis your fine with Orton as a Starter

    I am not

    lets draft our future QB in 13
  8. Chris in Arizona

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    Naa, I'm going to roll with this Romo guy.

    I'd rather draft our future OLB, S, or C in 2013.
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    same three positions I am really looking
  10. Risen Star

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    Yes. You have to consider what was available.
  11. big dog cowboy

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    Asomugha was the 5th CB taken that year. :eek: Obviously hindsight is 20/20 but there were some trade down options that would have worked out nicely.

    1 Cincinnati Bengals Carson Palmer† QB USC
    1 2 Detroit Lions Charles Rogers WR
    1 3 Houston Texans Andre Johnson† WR Miami (FL)
    1 4 New York Jets Dewayne Robertson DT Kentucky from Chicago
    1 5 Dallas Cowboys Terence Newman† CB Kansas State
    1 6 New Orleans Saints Johnathan Sullivan DT Georgia from Arizona
    1 7 Jacksonville Jaguars Byron Leftwich QB Marshall In place of Minnesota (time expired)
    1 8 Carolina Panthers Jordan Gross† OT Utah In place of Minnesota (time expired)
    1 9 Minnesota Vikings Kevin Williams† DT Oklahoma State Big 12 In lieu of #7 (time expired)
    1 10 Baltimore Ravens Terrell Suggs† DE/LB Arizona State
    1 11 Seattle Seahawks Marcus Trufant† CB Washington State
    1 12 St. Louis Rams Jimmy Kennedy DT Penn State
    1 13 New England Patriots Ty Warren DE Texas A&M from Washington via NY Jets and Chicago [R1 - 3]
    1 14 Chicago Bears Michael Haynes DE Penn State from Buffalo via New England
    1 15 Philadelphia Eagles Jerome McDougle DE Miami (FL) from San Diego
    1 16 Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu† S USC from Kansas City [R1 - 6]
    1 17 Arizona Cardinals Bryant Johnson WR Penn State from New Orleans
    1 18 Arizona Cardinals Calvin Pace DE/LB Wake Forest from Miami via New Orleans
    1 19 Baltimore Ravens Kyle Boller QB California from New England [R1 - 9]
    1 20 Denver Broncos George Foster OT Georgia
    1 21 Cleveland Browns Jeff Faine† C Notre Dame .
    1 22 Chicago Bears Rex Grossman QB Florida from New York Jets
    1 23 Buffalo Bills Willis McGahee† RB Miami (FL) Big East from Atlanta
    1 24 Indianapolis Colts Dallas Clark† TE Iowa
    1 25 New York Giants William Joseph DT Miami (FL)
    1 26 San Francisco 49ers Kwame Harris OT Stanford
    1 27 Kansas City Chiefs Larry Johnson† RB Penn State from Pittsburgh
    1 28 Tennessee Titans Andre Woolfolk CB Oklahoma
    1 29 Green Bay Packers Nick Barnett LB Oregon State
    1 30 San Diego Chargers Sammy Davis CB Texas A&M from Philadelphia
    1 31 Oakland Raiders Nnamdi Asomugha† CB California
    1 32 Oakland Raiders Tyler Brayton DE Colorado

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