Boys vs. Redskins Prediction Thread

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DenCWBY, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. ScipioCowboy

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    Your argument has merit, but there's another side to that coin. Penalties are penalties for a reason. They give one team an unfair advantage. For instance, if the corner hadn't held Ogletree as he ran by, the play likely would've been a touchdown. So even though the Browns were penalized, it was a net gain for them because they didn't give up a score on the play.

    In other words, we can't assume the play wouldn't have been a positive for Dallas simply because Cleveland was penalized.
  2. SkinsFan28

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    Guarantee you that Paulsen, Garcon, and Williams will all go. Fletch is an iron man but his body is showing signs of wear, still think he starts to keep his streak going. Wilson has been playing with his shoulder, so no real reason to think he will sit out. This isn't an early season game, or preseason. This is an every game is a must win, division rivalry on national TV. I would be shocked if even one of those 5 players miss this game.
  3. Mansta54

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    I hope all of'em play...
  4. CowboysFanSince88

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    Arm Strength
    Ability to make plays
  5. Dodger

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    For the most part, I totally agree with you. Guys get beat, and they hold...probably would have gotten beat either way.


    In the Browns game, there was one drive in particular where this wasn't the case.

    It was on the last drive of the 4th quarter, and the Browns committed an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that kept Dallas from facing a 3rd and 6. And then later on that drive, Sheldon Brown committed what I think was an unnecessary PI penalty. I'm not convinced Harris would've been able to catch that ball, so mugging Harris wasn't the way to go. But Dallas gets out of a 3rd and long again and gains 35 yards in the process. The Cowboys would go on to force OT.
  6. fifaguy

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    i can't make a prediction about this game other than i will be feeling quite ill if we lose.
  7. Risen Star

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    I'm totally conflicted with this game. I'm leaning Redskins but Romo is undefeated on T-day.
  8. TTexasTT

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    LMAO... LMAO

    I feel that the Cowboys will play quite well against the Redskins. Secondary will keep RG3 from completing any deep routes. We have enough speed at LB to keep him contained.
    Dez Bryants will run all over Hall. Obviously the Oline is a concern but I think they will find a way to get the job done but it wont be pretty.
  9. rcaldw

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    Cowboys win 24-17
  10. PullMyFinger

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  11. CowboysFanSince88

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    You still refuse to accept that RG3 has a LOT OF MOVES!!!!!!
  12. jday

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    It comes down to how well the Cowboys defense contains the Redskins ground game.
  13. JohnsKey19

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    26 Cowboys
    16 Redskins

    Close game mostly...late FG gives Dallas the 10 point lead.
  14. Mansta54

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    He moves and runs really well but on the flip side, Ware and Spencer do a darn good job of setting the edge and we now have LB's who can flatout fly and that makes a huge difference. He better hope Carter doesn't get to him cause he hits you with full impact and takes you down aggressively.
  15. CowboysFanSince88

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    I just know I better get a dog because I;m SCARED of RG3
  16. Lazyking

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    I think we win the game but its not gonna be easy. I feel like RGIII can be contained by our defense.. I'm more worried about Alfred morris to be honest.
  17. ufcrules1

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    27-17 Redskins. RG3 will have no problem moving the ball against our defense. We won't put pressure on him so he will pick us a apart the same way Vick did last year.

    Our secondary is very good but if you give a QB all day to throw, the secondary won't be able to hold up long enough.

    Our offensive line is now falling apart and will not afford Romo enough time to throw. So we will not be able to keep up with the Redskins point wise.

    We lose this game no doubt.
  18. iowast8rs

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    Once you take out Ware, there is not pass rush. RG3 will pick us apart, easy win for the Deadskins. And with Crazy Jerry thinking this O and D-line are great, might as well get used to RG3 owning the Cowboys, much like McNabb did.
  19. Eric_Boyer

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    what league are people watching these days.

    easy win for the redskins?


    I imagine it will be a close game as we are no world beaters, but make no mistake. The skins are a crappy team.

    predicting them to beat anybody with ease is a massive stretch of non reality.
  20. BraveHeartFan

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    I'm not sure who wins this game but I know for sure it's going to be a dog fight. It will be tough and close all the way as it has been pretty much every game between these two teams for a while now.

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