News: BP Press Conference?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by kaboy, Sep 16, 2005.

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    Are you guys slacking or did I miss today's PC thread?
  2. BrAinPaiNt

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    Well maybe we missed it and you're the one slacking mister. :p: ;)
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    It's been on already,nothing different from yesterday.Well,
    Burnett running full speed today,gametime decision with him.
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    LOL! Probably more like I missed it because I am a slacker. Happy hour must be in full tilt mode already. ;)
    Thanks for the info Yesfan.
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    Is InmanRoshi around? I need my fix.
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    basically, nothing to much to report, he mentioed have to see if play price or not, got tail end of that so not sure about that, then he said that burnett had been working hard, that he worked the team hard again today, but about mid day, he took the team out of pads, they asked him about playing 4 wrs again, bill stated like last week he had only 7 offensive lineman, and you cant do that and be successful, if a lineman goes down, again he emphasized ok, i iwll take out witten, to play extra wr, showing, he just doesnt know where to play price, and not use copper on special teams, he has mainly 2 areas on the team that could have a major weakneess if just one player goes down, and he has his guy in office digging deep to find contingency plans to fix that if a player goes down, reporter asked him what positions were the 2 weak areas, big bill said, just look on roster, you can figure it out. mentioned, that sean taylor is good player, they have a tough defense, and he thinks monday night will be a good game, thats all i remember, hope it helps,
  7. cowboyjoe

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    also, forgot talked about ogbilu # 90, that he could at end of game, be playing defensive end, besides when he plays linebacker some like he did in san diego game,
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    Safety, RT
  9. cowboyjoe

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    burnett's confidence level if he is going to play, their looking at him, he could take ogiblu place, could be, have to see bill mentioned
    3-4 defense, 8 lbs
    yes, keep more linebackers, more core team players on special teams, like marty last week, he had 9 dbs, 9th guy was special teams, extra db, thats where you are, normally 20/20 and 3 specialists, not sure what other 2 are to make 45 on team to dress,
    monday night impact bigger guys,
    take 6 dl monday night, can be strength, hopefully improve as we go,
    hard week of pratice, took pads off mid day, more mental stuff for our offensive team, meaning against their redskin defense
    also too, really ware and oglibu, give possiblilty, more depth, at de, is just throw young players in there, not sink or swim, but get young players accomolated, sooner we do taht, better our team will improve, like he told casey def liine coach, he had young players playing at 2nd quarter,
    he knows were going to need these players
    lot of recognition needs to be seen for offense, since defense redskins try to pressure you on all angles, so as qb you have to be alert against multiple blitzes, their gambling to make 1-2 plays a series to disrupt you,
    been working price, be game time decision
    not going to give tyson thompson not in there for full dose of this redskin defense
    did bledsoe hold ball to long question, no thats a charestic of his, trying to throw ball on time, stressed taht to him, bill doesnt mind sack here or there, but doesnt like 4 sacks or more in a game, by and large, you have big minus play with sack
    talked to team about, if they take away yoour aggressiveness, your not going to win
    need to be selective, have an ideal of what will get us in trouble, risk and reward in that stuff, on same token, they hit you right, they have big play
    geroude do better than johnson, better chance against nose tackle, he did a good job on williams, but also turned a guy loose on bledsoes face
    sean taylor very good player, big hitter
    portis used plays with him more, didnt get all of that
    your execution to how well you call plays to time they call defense question-have to have a mechanism to alter what your doing to what your doing against them, we will see if we have that ability, quite frankly more adept at that, second time we played them then first, but i got a lot of new players now, so their first time against it
    portis, he has quite a few yards, they havent changed offense, use him on things he was succesful in denver plays,
    little early to say what kind of offense or defense to what team has, i dont think that neccessralyh they have better skill positions on offense then last year, i would way that wr, and qb, with redskins, one from jets and other wr from new england
    return kickoffs, game time decision, praticing 2 different guys thompson and barber
    sproles one thing question, yeah, i think may not hav mentioned it to you, but did study on guys 5-9 or under, their were 18 of them only 4 of them were playing,
    obliviously barry sanders was one of those guys, so others unknowns, made this comment, saw sproles at senior bowl, thought he was best runner for north, he ran clock out, very thick legged, short guy, kinda guy bill wants maybe, watched him in preseason, he dodged whole team and made touchdown, had rare quickness, thers a place for a guy like that, unless he is a good returner he has immense value, coudlnt tell when he was at kansas st, if good returner, for example, sent guy to oklahoma to check out quintiin griffin to see if can return punts, etc. we liked moats guys philadelphia drafted
    use terrance on field position if their punting deep in their endzone, ex. patrick has stonger hands, buut terrance runs better
    petti oh yeah, he has lost puppy dog look on his face, you got to get information to him,
    if we do good job with design, dont have crystal ball to see into future, we have chance with young guys, i look at stats every week,for exm, david carr i think is good qb, but didnt have good game, you just dont know, to see if good player example
    one bad mental area in red zone, being young is no excuse, if brees was going to run, keith came up, you cant do that, and brees made a throw,
    whole key to dallas cowboys, improving as we go, as young guys get better and stay healthy, with pro guy this morning, 2 positions on this team, for ex, we have any injury anywhere else, we know what were going to do, but those 2 areas, talked with brian, he digging to find resourse to cover that area,
    if you look at roster you can tell what 2 weak areas are,
    slot receiver, how branch 3 guys to wr position
    in slot, certain really know set proto type, ex, keyshawn was good slot and wayne crevet, but on perimeter, their not, so in certain defenses, pratick crayton against certain things, and key and terry against certain things, get best 3 guys at same time, paatrick got 3rd wr spot, and copper has to learn both wr positions, and now price needs to learn,
    slot wr has to block,, if defense brings down 8th guy, wr slot has to block, key and patrick can do that, but glenn not steady basis and price is too little to block,
    in coaching dont ask guys to do something that is hard for them to do, dont force them, expect key, patrick to block, expect other guys to try to block
    copper is very good special teams player for cowboys right now
    hopes like price another job maybe on special teams to do got tail end of that
    its valuable what i know about bledsoe, but maybe not all, but example, i know all i need to know about key
    with drew, first time through division, what experience he has with redskins, time he left them, just dont know, trying to keep it on track, whole key not to make big mistakes, on offense
    i get stats every week, stats you guys dont know about
    someone sitting in this room provided me about fumbles in this room, interesting, interesting
    asked price again, who do you want me to take out, if you want me to put him in, ill put him in jokingly,
    you cant just say dress 5 wrs, you may overload 2-3 other guys, you cant just do those things, i dont want to dress 5 wrs, 4 wrs is better number for situation, do you think i like dressing 7 offensive lineman last week, very afraid what happened on kickoff coverage, didnt catch me off surprise,
    if i dresss 5 wrs, i got 4 not probably playing on special teams, 3 are not going to play any on special teams, if impact is greater i might,
    san diego special teams other day was excellent, wished my team could do that, our inexperience helped that,
    if 2 centers got hurt, backup would be riveria, he told me he played center in green bay
    question, kicker dress 2
    parcells, can he kick, our kicker earned respect what he did last week,
    what time is it, oh, your clock stopped, reporter said, yeah, end
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    Is this the "puppy dog face" Parcells was talking about?
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    I have to admit Parcells press conferences are entertaining. He is great coach to listen too. The biggest thing out of the PC was that Dallas has two positions which they dont have contingency plan on if injury occurrs. My guess is that is Safety and Kicker.
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    cowboyjoe, you did a good job on the recap, but nothing is like IR, were is his recaps i miss him
  14. D41lasCowboys31

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    LOL@Parcells "Ok, If you want me to put him in I'll put him in"

    Later on...when asked about what happens if Cortez gets hurt "You want me to dress 2 kickers too?"
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    Safety, RT
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    Nors, the avatar is killing me! :lmao:
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    It is what it is sometimes!
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    Is that BIG AL?
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    Big Al - is shrinking....
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    Looks like Beetle Juice to me. :laugh1:

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