News: BR: Dallas Cowboys: Best and Worst of Team's Preseason

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    The Dallas Cowboys have concluded the 2013 preseason with a sloppy performance against the Houston Texans. The Cowboys have experienced the full spectrum of what you can expect of a typical NFL training camp: Injuries, setbacks, good practices, bad practices, good execution, turnovers and a glimpse of what this team is actually capable of.

    But like 31 other franchises, the Cowboys now move one step closer to the start of a new season as ready as they can possibly be. The roster will see dramatic changes with the final cut down and there will certainly be a few new faces.

    Reflecting on preseason football can be misleading both positively and negatively. If you finish, say 4-0 or 3-1, it doesn't necessarily translate into anticipated results, and the same can be said of finishing 1-3 or 0-4.

    The Cowboys simply need to take away the good, bad and ugly from this preseason and focus on restoring health to a slew of players that this team is counting on for big things in 2013. So while we wait for opening night, why not take a minute to reflect on this preseason.

    The good and the bad.

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