News: BR: Dallas Cowboys' Biggest Preseason Disappointments so Far

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    The Cowboys are getting even closer to their season-opening matchup against the New York Giants, and the anticipation is starting to build up to monumental levels. Two disappointing seasons of finishing 8-8 and two consecutive winner-take-all defeats to division rivals have a fan base that is starving for a winner.

    This franchise spent time this offseason retooling the coaching staff, switching philosophies, adopting new schemes and adding some new faces in order to achieve success. But is it enough to match the sustained success of some of their most bitter rivals and immediate competition?

    Every team probably feels the want or need to add some more pieces to their puzzles, but it's time to dance with the date you showed up with. For the Cowboys, getting through the rest of this preseason schedule without more injuries would be a victory in and of itself.

    Most of the roster is starting to mold itself into what was reasonably expected to be along with a few pleasant surprises. But what about the disappointments, the anticipation of having that players-to-watch list fall short of expectations and simply failing to see certain players never get on the field?

    The Cowboys have certainly had their share of this feeling of disappointment and so have 31 other franchises. It's hard to isolate them all but we have to identify the biggest ones.

    Let's take a look.

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