BR: Dallas Cowboys Draft: Should the 'Boys Select an Offensive Tackle?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CCBoy, Jan 8, 2012.

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    Free is too long to be a good player at OG. He has very good feet, good mobility and long arms - he is a prototypical Tackle. He did have some rough moments this year but was also left on an island against many of the best pass rushers in the league and did a pretty good job. I really think some of his sacks were due to not getting the help he expected occasionally from Holland.

    I know CS has said that much of Free's problems were from losing hand battles. Perhaps all that has to be done is an offseason focusing on developing more grip strength.

    The issue about premiums also applies to moving Free inside. You are now paying a guy who has never played Guard a premium salary to play a position he may not be very good at.

    If the situation arises that DeCastro is gone we probably should either move the pick if there is a good Tackle as BPA or alternatively take BPA at another position - hopefully CB, OLB or DE.
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    I agree with you...don't think they should burn a first on either position....just saying they should address it somewhere in the draft. I'll stay on the Silatolu bandwagon right up until draft day....if they can snag him in the second I'll do cartwheels...ok maybe not cartwheels....but I'll be really frickin' pleased!
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    The point on Colombo and how teams attack a weakness are relevant. As is noting that there was a tendency to assist him with a chip block. This season there was a need to keep the extra blocker inside more.

    The OP was actually a thought provoker for more reasons.

    Best player available on smart teams is used just for that. Not as a last moment move to capture greatness. But consideration would need to be given to offensive tackle as well as other positional strengths.

    The Giants kept on throwing in for their defensive line. And it has paid off.
    New Orleans has a dominant offensive tackle and a pair of All Pros at guard.

    Since much of the Dallas direction is already on the side of offense, it might merit building this to dominance and longer termed in view.

    Game day rosters are of major importance throughout an entire season. Replacing Free with a stronger player at tackle, with Free moving inside, would serve in this matter as well. He could serve, while at guard, as the replacement player at tackle as well. A guard with swing tackle resonsibilities.
    This would then make change along the Dallas line as stable as was seen this season on the Giant line.

    This would still allow a free agent pickup. The favorite here, obviously is Carl Nicks. But an upgrade and actully young enough to project for a valid five years would be worth a move.

    But if a player such as Kalil, from USC, could prove worth a move to acquire him. Early indicators are that he should be close if not at the top of offensive linemen in this draft. His pairing with Smith would seal that position for a decade. And at top levels. That would remove the need for top level drafting at the position for some years.

    He is a dynamic player. With the early indicators showing that he might start in an 8-10 draft slot, it would be far from foolish to move up and secure the tackles spot for Tony Romo and his future replacement, right now.

    Even if this meant that all other sources, to include free agency and draft picks went to the defensive side, it would still be a smart move. And leave ammo to make major dents at improving quality at defensive positions.

    If one wants to implant top levels of unit quality and base strengths, this would forge a huge one.

    I could live with the return of Kosier at RG, Dockery as a backup, and the rest of the youth inside for a building point.

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