BR: Latest Salary Cap Breakdown for the Dallas Cowboys

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, Feb 18, 2013.

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    The 2013 NFL salary cap limit appears to be set at $121.1 million. For the Dallas Cowboys, who are already faced with numerous financial constraints heading into 2013, looking for every penny of this cap figure will be a challenge in and of itself.

    But that's life in the NFL and the current economic landscape of the league is still fueled by the obsession with parity, a level playing field and being fiscally responsible. Jerry Jones has always operated to his own drum when it comes to player acquisition and free agency and he usually gets what he wants due to his resources.
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    Please just say no to BleacherReport.
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    Saw this on another forum:

    "...the Cowboys top ten highest-paid players take up roughly three-quarters (nearly 90 million) of the team's projected $121 million salary cap. This is a staggering number and, when compared to the top ten salaries on other teams (Patriots: $66 million; Ravens: $69 million)..."

    Wonder if that indicates the Patriots and Ravens draft well so a high proportion of their rosters consist of young guys who therefore aren't making that much but at the same time are good enough to be key contributors if not essential players.
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    I suspect your are right on the money with that.

    To compound the problem, not everyone in that top ten is worth their contract, or even close. Free, Rat & Austin did not contribute near their contracts this year.

    We need more Dez, Tyron, Lee, Carter, Murray (healthy please), Bailey, Claiborne please. But soon enough some of those guys will be due for big checks too.

    You've got to find enough cheap contracts who contribute.

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