Brace for the inevitable overreactions

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chief, Aug 13, 2005.

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    What do DROY mean?What do acronym mean?What do LaTunaNostra mean? :rolleyes:
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    Can we trade for 'em? :bang2:
  3. LaTunaNostra

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    DROY mean Defensive Rookie of the Year, you know, like Darren Hambrick almost once won. :laugh2:
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    We shoulda' never got rid of those Hambrick boys ,they had 'tential :D
  5. LaTunaNostra

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    The Dirty Dozen, that's great!!

    Ware is gonna do a Telly Savalas on the AZ QBs tonight.

    Burnette is Jim Brown, Ratliff - Charles Bronson.

    My boy Canty is a little more subtle..make him John Cassavetes.

    I like it!
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    I wouldn't be surprised if our linebackers look like crap tonight with Ferguson and Spears out, who are pretty much vital for that new 3-4. Then again, Mr. Stone Statue himself -- Kurt Warner -- is starting at QB.
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    Yeah and I hope his head is shaped like angle iron after my man Canty crawls his angular *** off of his laid out like a yard sale ,Cardinal *** :D
  8. LaTunaNostra

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    Yeah, TBC. ;)

    They may well be running around like chickens with their heads cut off tonight, blowing assignments, over running plays, dropping into coverage when they should be playing the run, whiffing tackles out of uncontrolled excitement.

    In fact, I EXPECT that, with or without Fergy and Marcus.

    That's going to be a staple for awhile.

    But I also expect to see young defensive players playing with abandon, getting psyched off each other's stops, and making a few heads up plays. I expect to see SPEED, and enthusiasm and sheer exuberance on that field tonight.

    On Monday, Bill can show them the tape and shape them up some more.

    Chief, didn't mean to hijack your thread.

    But it's possible to be VERY realistic, expectations-wise, and still trembling with anticipation.

    You know what I mean? ;)
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    Very good point....but the overeacactions have long started here since the first week of training camp. It's typical for Cowboy fans who are accustomed to having marquee players on the team. We can barely stand those who doesn't seem to fit that profile. Warm up the back up server because we'll be true to form tonight. :D
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    And Doug Cosbie was a 3rd round pick. Schramm wanted to go for Montana. He claims this was the only time he was ever talked out of a pick and changed his mind. Because Dallas needed a TE more than a QB. They had Danny White, so I can see the reasoning. Now Cosbie turned out to be a great TE for us, and who knew what Montana was going to do (product of a system, could he have been as good other places?) And Danny White was a very good QB if you look at his numbers.
  11. Irving Cowboy

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    I remember they used to call Lavette "Mr. August"... I still have a tape of a preseason game vs the Raiders from back in 1987 where he tore it up for 2 quarters.... but when the money was on the table this guy folded before his hand was even dealt.
  12. Chief

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    Very true.

    Jerry, who has a long history of hyperbole, has been relatively calm lately. Like you said, it's been Parcells who has thrown around the "L.T." comments.

    Maybe his new girlfriend has him a little more animated and excited this year.

    Or maybe it's just Ware, I don't know.
  13. LaTunaNostra

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    He threw some major crumbs at Burnett too, and Canty.
  14. Chief

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    Yep. Cosbie was targeted by complainers because he was the third round pick.

    For some reason, Aaron Mitchell, the second-round bust, got away unscathed.

    Here's that draft, by the way:

    1. Robert Shaw, C
    2. Aaron Mitchell, CB
    3. Doug Cosbie, TE
    4. Ralph DeLoach, DE
    5. Bob Hukill, OL
    5. Curtis Anderson, DE
    5. Ron Springs, RB
    6. Tim Lavender, CB
    6. Mike Salazano, OL
    6. Chris DeFrance, WR
    7. Greg Fitzpatrick, LB
    8. Bruce Thornton, DT
    9. Garry Cobb, LB
    10. Mike Calhoun, DT
    12. Quentin Lowry, LB

    FYI: the extra choices came from the Golden Richards, Efren Herrera, Bill Gregory and Jim Jensen trades.

    While Cosbie was an outstanding player and Springs and Thornton were OK, 1979 was the second year of a long drought that went from 1978-87.

    Gil Brandt should be ashamed.
  15. AsthmaField

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    I'll try to hold the enthusiasm in check. They aren't the Dirty Dozen... Nope. They are however at least the Nasty Nine. Nine since we must, by all accounts, throw in Thomas "Pepper" Johnson; he of the multiple sack scrimmage. Nevermind that he was going against Torrin "Turnstile" Tucker... he must be a legitimate star, mustn't he? You don't slip up and get 3 sacks AND get called "Pepper" by a future hall of fame coach... all in the same day.

    We have to call them some catchy name... even before they play one pre-season game, because of who we got.

    Redskin fans must be discouraged, because they drafted Rogers and Campbell, and who did their arch-rivals draft?

    Well, we drafted one Lawrence Taylor of course. Then we followed that up with Reggie White (or Leonard Marshall depending on who you believe.) We got those two in the first round alone.

    Then, in the second we drafted Kevin Burnett, who doesn't need to be anyone else because he's the first two-time team captain at Tenn. in almost 100 years. One can't help but think that he'll be Carl Banks pretty soon though... maybe as early as tonight. You just gotta feel sorry for the Cards because they'll be the team to witness that transformation first hand.

    Then, in the fourth round we drafted Ed "Too Tall" Canty, who has drawn the inevitable comparisons to the Ex-Dallas great. Mickey said he just "floats" to the ballcarrier. JFE says he's nigh unstoppable. One-eyed and coming off of knee surgery... he's making "Too Tall" proud to be compared to him. DE... DT... it doesn't matter. He can't be stopped.

    Then, who gets drafted? Why, Bill Bates of course... complete with the number 40 plastered on his practice jersey. Just to cement that thought, all we've heard all camp is how, Beriault is all over the place making play after play and forcing the afore mentioned future hall of fame head coach to not only take notice... but to contemplate a position switch in order to get Bill Beriault playing time. Roy Williams will probably be sleeping better knowing a future ring of honor player isn't sitting behind him, waiting to take his job.

    It doesn't even matter that Barber, Petitti and Ratliff are simply Barber, Petitti and Ratliff. When you draft LT, Reggie White, Carl Banks, Ed "Too Tall" Jones, and Bill Bates, how could it? When you inadvetedly pick up Pepper Johnson after the draft, that has to soften the blow of drafting 3 players who haven't even been compared to hall of fame players by the first pre-season game.

    Hopefully, by the end of pre-season we'll be able to say with some authority that Barber really isn't Barber... he's Priest Holmes. We'll know that Petitti isn't Petitti, but is instead Jumbo Elliott. And yes, Ratliff will be Leonard Marshall part III.

    With a good showing tonight, those three could very easily be headed for Canton just like the other six guys. If Pepper gets another sack tonight, third or fourth string offensive linemen be dammed, then the posters will be wondering out loud if the real Pepper shouldn't be flattered to be compared to this young, up-and-coming monster that we've stumbled upon.

    Ware getting a couple of sacks tonight will be the confirmation that we need to notarize the LT-Ware comparison... or is that the Ware-LT comparison?

    Unfortunately, Reggie White isn't making the trip to Arizona tonight, but that doesn't matter. We all know that comparison is valid, even without watching him play. He's got the size and the quickness of Reggie, so Spears is already annointed, of course.

    It really isn't fair to Arizona that players like "Too Tall" Canty and the future Carl "Don't Feed Me Cheese" Banks will be playing with the second team and so will be playing against their second teamers. This could get messy.

    And Beriault? Lord knows he'll be playing against some third and fourth string guys... that's just unfair.

    So, even though I'll try to hold my enthusiasm in check, it won't change the fact that our "Nasty Nine" is going to go down in NFL history as the greatest haul of rookie talent ever accumulated.

    Poor Washington. How discouraging must it be to see all of those great players re-born in a Cowboys uniform? How cruel are the football gods to provide us, their arch-rivals, such a veritable bounty of rare football talent?

    And if they doubt that... confirmation is on the way, tonight in Arizona.

    Pity the poor Redbirds for being first in line. At least the Cardinals can get our autographs.
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    :bow: Great Post AsthmaField
  17. GTaylor

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    Henson sucks!!! Trade him now while we still can!!!! Bledsoe will lead us to the promised land!! 2000 yards for Julius!!! Wow our defense is sweet!!!

    ...sorry, I was warming up for tonight ;)
  18. Irving Cowboy

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    Remember Cobb came back to play for Landry 9 years later in 1988 after Buddy Ryan cut him in Philadelphia... didn't do too bad either.
  19. Banned_n_austin

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    Very nice post, Chief - you old fart. :)

    I'll tell you who I'm going to be watching tonite ... and I'll have good reason to if he turns out to be anything close to the guy ahead of him on the roster and that is Marion Barber III.

    If this guy has the running ability that was thought when Parcells drafted him, then we're in for a treat as fans. And that would be such a luxury, and effectively an asset that could strenghten our team in so many different ways.

    We need a guy to take some pressure off of Julius. We need a guy who can change the pace of the game. We need a can be versatile in style, but different from Julius so defenses have to prepare for 2 backs.

    I think we may have a little jewel on our hands with Marion Barber.
  20. LaTunaNostra

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    AF, excellent!

    Can you IMAGINE seeing a THREAD LIKE THIS on a Skins board on preseason game one day?

    Ok, so over the past few months there may have been some giving in to some hyperbole..justifably borne of a long talent drought.

    But if one of the BIG FOUR's rookie card shows up in those packs I like to throw in the cart at the supermarket cash-out, I ain't throwing it away.

    Could be my retirement right there. :)

    Especially if it's Canty.

    He's the one who could 'redefine the game'. :)

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