Brad & Mickey talk WR's/Amendola on Irvin - 7/29/08

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Jul 29, 2008.

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    Nors may be back 100% soon - :)
    Been on vaca and basic rest mode for a long, long time here.

    The Batman movie motivated me to jump back in!
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    oh, i dunno. why do you post every negative roy nugget you can find with the glee of a child with fresh ice cream? it seems as if you're waiting for the eventual day roy is gone for whatever reason just so you can say I WAS RIGHT! AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!!!! lot of hate there dude for someone i doubt you even know on a personal level.

    it's like if you post one more article the world will finally get it and roy will fade away and bring brightened joy into your life. ain't gonna happen regardless of all the negative articles you bring him. he'll go when jones decides. maybe you should print up all these shards of light on roy and pummell jones with it. in here doing it with such a focus?

    that's an agenda. do i say you have an agenda boner about every player? no. that would be obsessive to the point where you'd probably be in a funny farm playing with your lips night and day and drooling in record amounts. are you acting like i said that, yep.

    and no one ever said all i ever wanna talk about is the negative. if that were the case why would i say i was sick and tired of your anti-roy parade?

    you ever stop and think before you dive into defense mode? if several people have said you have an agenda, it's possible. is that a bad thing? not really as we probably all do it at times. like alexander said, my agenda is bagging on those who have an agenda against 1 player. did you see me freak when he pointed it out? sometimes we just get so focused on things that dig under our skin where we can't help but "retaliate" so to speak. vent, more the word.

    but the key to getting over it admitting you do it. well, maybe not getting over it but possibly having more fun with it. : )

    dc - just face it that you're hatred for roy is strong and a major focus for you. it's not as if you're alone, ya know? pretty crowded bus these days and still the "in" thing to do. those of us who just want a break from the floggings are not roy apologists or hiney kissers.

    just tired of the flogging.

    that either makes sense or it will send you into another rage filled episode of NOT ME THAT'S YOU!!! and we got nowhere.
  3. iceberg

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    and is there anyone in the world outside of your own personalities that really gives used chocolate pudding?
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  5. adbutcher

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    Yes you are, I actually had to look that up.:D
  6. iceberg

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    stop hatin on roy man...just be a fan.


    why is it so hard for you to take your own advice?
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    I guess some folks don't some of the "unique" hidden skilz that Roy possesses!

    Mind you that might not make them fanz. ;)
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    I love how some of you guys say 'he's a fan of only certain players'.

    Why is that?

    Because I am not a homer to the 100th degree and I criticize some of them.

    Am I not allowed to do so?

    I think it would be pretty boring following a team and just loving every player to death because they wear the star on their helmet.

    I root for Roy and Ellis just like everyone else because they fall under the umbrella of being Dallas Cowboys. That doesn't mean I have to love everything they do 24/7.

    As for the Roy Posse. You all know who you are. People don't even post a peep of anything bad about him when his name comes up anymore because they are afraid to be attacked by you guys.

    That has resulted in less and less threads about the guy that have different view points.

    It has also resulted in some posters taking their dislike, which stemmed from those threads, into other threads made by posters who did have some negative thoughts about Roy.

    And I challenge anyone to find a post where I ever said I was rooting for Roy to fail this season. It's not out there folks.

    Sad that there is a whole team full of great players, but for some reason some of you are so fixated on defending one of them you now don't like other fans on a message board.

    It's really silly. And don't try to say I am making stuff up because there are many people right now who are reading this that won't bother to back up my statements because they aren't interested in the slightest in getting involved here with you guys.

    Roy Williams for President in 08!!!
  9. iceberg

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    ok, before i dive into the rest of your own ... sillyness - please tell me who said or implied roy should be president? no one, right? but hey, extreme it out and totally miss the simple point. you're making up things to argue about none of us are arguing. no one said he's great, what he used to be, hasn't slipped...

    have we?

    no. we've not. but you keep running back to that extreme to keep this argument alive.

    now, it does *SEEM* with every chance you get, you dog on roy. you indicate we've not posted a negative article and i'll say we can't get to them fast enough to post them before you or the "haters" do. if we post a negative article will you post a positive one? why should ONE side give into something the other clearly won't do either? why do you ONLY post NEGATIVE articles? is this for your own benefit or are you still fishing for converts of your own? i don't care if you hate him, love him, dress him up in barbie-doll fashions and have a betty crocker day with his FATHEAD cutout, dc.

    i just get tired of the hard-sell on roy sucking from you like you're a politician trying to get one over on the people. even now you sound like you're defending the human race against us "non-haters" dc.

    people won't dive in because of us? maybe because they're just as sick and tired of the whole topic too and have just moved on. but if you feel better with some virutal silent majority in your back pocket, fine.

    are you the last of the "fair" people who's just trying to tell it how it is? or are you - maybe - just maybe - agenda driven because of how much the guy has either let you down or not lived up to what you expected?

    in the end i suppose you ARE allowed to whine w/o mercy on whatever topic you want. but am *I* not allowed to whine in return? how come only you can express your views and if i disagree i must hush so i "don't get into it with you".

    frankly, i love getting into it but you're just making it too easy. you wont see what your own actions cause and you've invented some fictional "posse" to fight now cause that's (this) is what you're looking for too.

    we've ALL critisized the players and staff over time. so it can't be that we're (or just me, yes) just out to get you. we're just sick and tired of ROY SUCKS!

    is that so hard to fathom? a few years ago my own jihad/windmill was our crappy arse OL we didn't seem to be doing anything about. at the time i even knew my own "hatred" of the situation was pushing me on and i said so. so now please realize i understand where you're coming from. but my or anyone else saying "chill out on the hate parade" does NOT make me or anyone a roy posse or a roy lover.

    just sick and tired of a horse so flogged the puddle just smells funny and we need to find something else to talk about.

    now while we're issuing challenges, go ahead and show me or anyone else in here with their own postings and words (not your steriod-induced version of what we said) where me, bigfan5d or anyone else has illustrated HOMER TO THE 100TH DEGREE tendencies.

    show us where we don't acknowledge his faults and hope he improves.

    can't, can you? so if we have no basis for our views, where does your basis come from? damn that perception.

    so what are you so persecuted for except for things you put in your own way to make this entire stupid POS never gonna die in my lifetime thread come to a conclusion?

    more lauging icons? more we're SILLY or maybe you can realize whether you meant to or not you've come across as a very anti-roy agenda and just go "yea, i have".

    not saying stop. not saying keep going. not saying anything really other than "wow you just can't see this"?

    in the end you act like the model fan we should all aspire to be and if we're not, you question OUR fandom.

    please insert emote of preference here.
  10. bbgun

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    Beautiful post. Don't expend any energy trying to placate the Roy Mafioso crowd because it can't be done. You can never love or praise Roy enough to satisfy them, so don't bother trying.
  11. iceberg

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    bb - who said "give only love"? so far i've only heard "stop the non-stop bashing". how does that equate to nothing but love?

    how did people get so divided on this?

    does anyone disagree roy has slipped?
    does anyone disagree roy needs to step it up?

    yet those who are not willing to bash him as our current boytoy are apologists while the bashers are "keeping it real". why is that?

    other than venting, does it help? will it get roy off the team any faster? does jones sit and take notes and say "gosh, some people sure hate roy, i'd better get rid of him"?

    so what unholy purpose does it do to continue to bring every reporter butt nugget story about roy out when the simple fact of the matter bashing roy is just the fad?

    so you wore bell bottoms. so you had a mood ring. so you had greg brady hair. so you bashed microsoft and drove an SUV in the you bash roy now...

    wheee. all the cool people are doing it.

    i'm not sure what the "anti-roy" crowd is out to accomplish with the constant blitz of roy sucks.

    if you don't join in by now you're not likely to.

    it's one thing to sit and bash roy and in the end. it's a forum and it will happen. so will counter-measures. when you BASH BASH BASH what do you expect others who don't feel the same to do?

    you can exclaim that you won't be converted but like most adults, the non-roy-haters don't care about conversion, just that the kids shut up and they can get some rest from the topic.

    if all you post is negative about someone, it's an agenda. so fine. have the agenda. you just look like pavlovs dog when someone rings a bell by saying AGENDA to dive into the NO I DON'T mode when it's obvious you do.

    it's like idiocy compounding idiocy in a constant of denial.
  12. tomson75

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    How did this thread get so off-topic? :confused: :D

    Talk about derailing.
  13. dcfanatic

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    Sounds like someone thinks this place is called 'Iceberg Zone' and we should only post the stuff he likes.

    Maybe that's the real problem here.
  14. dcfanatic

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    Word. All I remember saying before all the beers started flying was that Amendola was catching everything that came at him and that Stanback wasn't.
  15. iceberg

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    but then i'm not the only one saying you're going overboard with ROY SUCKS, am i? you also lobbed out some I DARE YOU TO FINDS!!! and i said no, they were there and gave a few of my own for you to find/validate. i see you chose not to play and play "ignore this fact cause it hurts" instead.

    i have said i wish you chill and this topic would go away. but i've also said you've got a right to post what you want. you seem to be impying now i can't reply to your God given right to post with my opinions cause they counter yours.

    done dude. i've found ignore before, you've got good company.

    enjoy your hate-on.
  16. BigDFan5

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    Once dc brought up Roy and started bashing him in a thread about WRs you had to expect it
  17. iceberg

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    post 49 is where roy came in. now please go look and see who brought him into this. fyi - same person so upset his thread got derailed.
  18. dcfanatic

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    Iceberg, I love you.

    I do, I really do. No, I mean I really really really really love you.

    I loves you more than I loves posting negative articles about #31, I mean #38.
  19. dcfanatic

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    I'm upset the thread got derailed?

    Do tell, lol.

    I could care less. I was agreeing that it did indeed get derailed.

    And now I suppose if the name Roy comes up in any post anywhere on Cowboyzone similiar events will occur.

    Do you hear yourself? We can't even bring the mans name up anymore?

    Hate to go back to the same term again, but when the shoe fits.

    It's just silly.
  20. dcfanatic

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    That is bashing Roy?

    What's the criteria now?

    I guess mentioning his name is now bashing Roy.

    Alert -- Alert -- Alert

    From now on when you mention Roy's name it will be considered that you are 'bashing' him and you had better be ready for a scolding from the Roy Posse.


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