News: Brad Sham on Cowboys radio

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dbair1967, Aug 10, 2005.

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    Mickster and Bill Jones interviewed Sham tonight...some notes:

    1) was absolutely gushing about the secondary...said he was watching either really awesome DB play or atrocious WR play (and said it was the former)...while they were interviewing him practice was going on...there were numerous ints (yes, at least 3 I counted that Sham noted)...said Terrance Newman was having the best camp of anyone there (and he picked ANOTHER one while live with Sham)...Roy had another pick too, I think he said off Henson...players were really crowing in the background when Newman got his pick

    2) said Henson told him in an interview for pregame on Sat nite that his arm is not tired or not down on himself

    3) Sham thought it'd be at least another 2 weeks or so before the Cowboys thought about bringing in another backup for Bledsoe (seemed to think it would be Vinny if it happened) but Sham seemed to be hinting that the Cowboys were really hoping Henson would come alive and snare the backup job...he never said anything bad about Romo and did throw a few compliments out there but you kinda got the idea that people see him more as a #3 guy than anything else...said the preseason games were huge for Henson but that Henson was definitely in no danger of being released because "of the investment they have in him"

    4) Sham thinks Bledsoe will have an excellent season as long as the pass protection is adequate and the run game is good (nothing new there)

    5) they asked who'd be in the booth with him doing the preseason games and-'ll be Troy Aikman, I think for all 4 games

  2. Alexander

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    Goes to show you good things can happen when you have players in a unit that have been starved for coaching. Zimmer pulling midnight shift with the DBs has not cut it over the last few years.

    Old news. But new to some.

    I never thought Brad Sham was very smart.:cool:
  3. thssanders

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    Good read. From all the reports it seems like newman should have an amazing year. However, don't know if i believe the hype on all these young guys yet. Can't wait for the preseason so I can finally see for myself.
  4. BigDFan5

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    This is what we keep saying
  5. Eddie

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    I don't believe ANY of the hype in the underwear Olympics.
  6. Tio

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    Troy! Too bad I don't live in dallas...I guess its another preseason with mickey and bill jones ...:puke:
  7. stilltheguru

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    is it safe to say todd bowles needs a huge ovation so far?

  8. CaptainAmerica

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    Absolutely agree. Years ago I knew a guy who played QB for an SEC school. He told me he hated pass drills in 2 a days against his own defense because they became so familiar with the offense,their calls and what they were trying to do that they jumped routes and at times basically made it difficult to get anything accomplished offensively.

    I think I'll wait to see it in a real game before I get too excited. That being said, I am excited about the new talent we have on D!
  9. ddh33

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    I think the DB play will be much improved this season. First of all, there is more talent back there now. Secondly, I think opposing QBs will be under more pressure and forced into more mistakes.
  10. Tricky-22

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    I hate to bring this up, but I seem to remember that Newman had a great camp last season.

    Everyone on the board was crowing about him being one of the best in the league.

    Hopefully, he can keep it going into the season this time.
  11. Ken

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    I actually never remember hearing reports like this coming about Newman, or any other DB on the cowboys. This is the most reported picks i have ever heard of.

    Newman has turned a corner, imo.
  12. ddh33

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    Injuries messed up Newman last year. I firmly believe that. He would have been great last season too, I think, had it not been for that knee.
  13. WilmingtonHeel

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    I agree about the secondary, can't wait to see for myself.
  14. poke

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    im tired of the term "underwear olympics already ". it applied to the mini camps but even if practice isnt full speed these guys are knocking heads out there. its still better to hear optimism about our DB's than what we heard
    all last camp.
  15. big dog cowboy

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    Well, some of us any ways. :D
  16. big dog cowboy

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    This is good news. Troy won't pull any punches.
  17. TheHustler

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    Good to hear about the DBs. Thanks for the recap.
  18. Fletch

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    Uhh, I believe they are wearing pads. :rolleyes:
  19. adbutcher

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    IMO Romo = Stoerner (sp)/ Walsh, Wright, Pulleur, etc.
  20. dbair1967

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    funny you mention Pelleur...when they were discussing the QB's and saying they werent sure about the backups I think Spags said "is there at least a Pelleuer here?"...Shan said "oh yeah, there's a Pelleur here"


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