Brad Sham, "The Brian Waters deal is dead."

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheSport78, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. coult44

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    They did, but if you don't think we have HUGE problems on the OL, you need to look again.
  2. SilverStarCowboy

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    This Team is a mess, as usual.
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  3. Fredd

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    I think JJ recognizes that OL is an issue or he wouldn't have chased Moore and Waters...the defense has played well in pre-season...but, it is is not like we are 1-2 in the regular season
  4. jnday

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    The point that you continue to miss ,year after year, is that just because other teams can get by with a sub-par oline, that doesn't mean that the Cowboys can. The Dallas offense has to have a solid line to be 100% effective. This has been proven every year, because every year the oline is the downfall of this team. Why would you want resources to go to other positions if the oline is the problem? Why not fix the line? Step back and look at your reasoning. It is wrong. It doesn't hurt to change your position on the subject .
  5. Staubacher

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    If we had a strong Oline we would be virtually unstoppable on offense. We don't have one.
  6. SWG9

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    This is absolutely true. If Jones somehow pulls a rabbit out of his hat and signs Waters in the next week, the same people that are tearing Waters down now will be celebrating his signing as another stroke of genius.

    Say what you will about the critical fans, but at least they're consistent.
  7. pgreptom

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    And unfortunately you're probably right. A big reason why our offensive line is terrible is because of the obsession with tight ends. Fasano, Bennett.. if you could of hit on either of those two picks with a guard what type of shape would our o-line be in? Good shape... Smith 2nd Frederick B and Free with Leary and Livings injured at the moment. We'd have starters and veteran depth.
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    look at how many high picks have been spent on TE vs O line. What other team would be doing that with what was at the very least a questionable O line for the last 4-5 years.

    Hanna looks like some good talent found in the SIXTH ROUND. Why not look for TEs there and use those second round picks on O Line?

    Fasano. Bennett. Escobar. All chosen with a FUTURE HALL OF FAME TE STARTING.
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  9. tupperware

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  10. 187beatdown

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    This whole post is dead wrong. The same people who were tearing down Waters (me), would not be celebrating anything other than that we will hope it's an improvement.

    Sure, the critical fans are consistent in their opinions, especially when they ignore improvements made by the team in the past few years and still come out with outrageous claims that Jerry has done nothing.

    I don't support everything the team does, but I simply find it to be a waste of time to whine all the time.
  11. Bigdog24

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    Makes you wonder if that great Salesman in Jerry Jones is losing his touch.....that is now 2 Vets turning down an opportunity to play with Jerry Jones Cowboys.....interesting.
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  12. SWG9

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    The prosecution rests.
  13. AmberBeer

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    I never said that. I know how dire our offensive line situation is. It's deplorable and will probably cost us dearly this year. I'm hoping for a trade and/or picking up someone from the last round of cuts for depth.
  14. 187beatdown

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    How? Please enlighten me.

    Unlike many nancies around here, I don't like to whine and moan about what I don't like every chance I get.
  15. maxdallasfan

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    But Romo was getting picked up off the ground a few times
  16. Pessimist_cowboy

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    2014 draft :

    1. CB
    2. TE

    Seriously wouldn't doubt it
  17. MichaelWinicki

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    Every QB is going to get hit over the course of 19 pass attempts.
  18. Corso

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    Agreed. There is no perfection in football.
    I am starting to wonder if the worry about Tyron Smith's lack of progression is warranted though.
    I did not like seeing some of his struggles yesterday.
  19. Idgit

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    I keep missing that point because it's one that you're just making up. But I'd be interested in whatever you've got to support the point that our offense requires us to have a better O-line than other teams who win Superbowls with just adequate protection.

    Last year's not a good example, though, since we lost games last year because of our pass defense breakdowns and because of turnovers. Even the problems we had with the OL (which *were* a legitimate issue) were more at C and OT than at the OG position that the local O-line enthusiasts are so fond of complaining about.
  20. Little Jr

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    This is good news

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