News: Bradie James Show with Ben and Skin - Nov 15th

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    Great show tonight! Ben from Ben and Skin was hosting the show with Bradie James and they had Mat McBriar and David Buehler on as guests.

    In this week's show you will learn about Alan Ball hitting the deck, David Buehler being fined $1500 last season and how Jason Garrett changed the team rule about making sure you are lined up on the sideline for the National Anthem before games...

    Bradie James Gang Show - Nov 15th - Part One

    Bradie James Gang Show - Nov 15th - Part One

    Jason Garrett came in last Wednesday and had these guys knowing that a BOSS was now on board the ship and that things were going to be changing around Valley Ranch. I love it!

    And Bradie James was the Mack on that 4th and 1 stop...


    Great show tonight fellas!

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