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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Wr3ckin_Cr3w, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. Wr3ckin_Cr3w

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    if hes there at 22. i say we take him
  2. ODawg

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    or trade back...hmmm what to do...what to do!!!!!!:starspin
  3. burntricersx

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    I'd like to thank the Cleveland Browns for trading us their 2nd round pick (36th overall) and giving us a nice pick for next year (potential for a really high first round pick). There was really nobody that we would've drafted at 22 that I really liked. Most mocks had us taking Dwayne Jarrett and I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot pole.
  4. CrazyCowboy

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    I am so happy we did not take this guy!
  5. Cogan

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    Come on, now. Let's not knock him just yet. He is just a rookie, after all. I think in a few years, he will be starting for the Browns, & doing well. The Browns finally got a personnel man in Phil Savage that knows what he's doing. There is no way any of Savage's predacessors would have taken an OT with the 3rd pick in the draft, but Savage did--because he was a good one, and it was a position of great need. Now the Browns have the makings of a very good 'O'line, a running game, and some very good receivers to make plays. All they needed was a franchise QB, & I believe they got him.
  6. the big 88

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    I've heard quinn isnt doing so well at mini camp. good thing we didnt grab him.
  7. Wr3ckin_Cr3w

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    so he didnt do good at minicamp means his career is over?
  8. Cogan

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    My thoughts exactly. I wonder if he would be saying that if we had taken Quinn. "Oh, it's too early to make any judgements". Which is exactly what he should be saying now.

    I live in NE Ohio, & know the situation pretty well. Sure, the rookie QB got off to a slow start. How many haven't? Let's take a look at his situation:

    • The Browns gave up a second & next year's first to get him, so he may be feeling just a bit of pressure.
    • He's a rookie getting used to the speed of the NFL-like every other rookie.
    • He realized after the first camp that he doesn't have nearly the window of opportunity to make the decision & get the ball to his receiver before the window closes as he did in college.
    • Each proceeding camp, he's improved, and is working hard to learn the play book.
    • Every other QB is learning the play book, since the Browns have a new OC, so they probably don't have nearly the time to answer his rookie questions as they will once TC starts for real.
    Oh, did I mention that Quinn is a rookie, and like every other rookie who EVER played in the NFL, he doesn't know poop from apple butter right now.

    With a very much improved offensive line, some excellent receivers to throw to, and a refreshed Jamal Lewis to hand the ball to, I think Quinn will be ready to take over the team in 2008.

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