Brandon Carr, Miles Austin & Anthony Spencer being sued

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gdogg24, Sep 24, 2013.

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    This will be dismissed
  2. links18

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    Yeah, hard to see any liability for the players, but someone is going to end up paying something.
  3. Eric_Boyer

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    I agree that naming players is absurd, but some of you guys don't seem to realize the serious nature of the injury.

    the kid is apparently still in the hospital and will suffer permanent brain damage.

    I see 5 life guards were on site, so some major negligence did happen with those 5 who failed to do their job adequately.
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  4. Frozen700

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    Stop being Lazy, worthless, conniving, and pathetic.

    Work hard for yours. Don't use an accident to your kid as a way to cash in.

    Will the Million make up for almost losing him? Be happy he is still breathing.
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  5. Wheeltax

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    It is absurd to have that many people in a pool all at once, especially kids; there's simply no way to watch them all. You would have to have a separate lifeguard for each kid, just about. If there is negligence, that's what it'll be about - and I wouldn't disagree with it, frankly. Whether the 100+ number is accurate or the 20 is accurate, that's too many young kids to have in a pool together IMO.

    That said, it's pretty clear naming these well-paid NFL players is a money grab and unless they decided to get all those kids in the pool, they can't possibly have any liability in the matter.

    One of my earliest memories was as a little tyke being at a pool owned by my day care's owners with something like 40 other kids aged 4-10, and I wasn't a very good swimmer anyway - I got kicked in the head underwater and luckily had a buddy there (still a good friend to this day, mind you) who happened to see it and pulled me above water. These things happen, and something like that, a lifeguard likely wouldn't even see. You just can't have that many kids in a pool, it's ludicrous.
  6. dallasdave

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  7. jnday

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    When I seen the title, I was hoping that Jerry was trying to get some of his money back for overpaying.
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  8. boscokt

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    Typical Bleacher Report trash:

    "It remains to be seen whether the reported lawsuit will have any impact on the three players on the field this season. But if any of the three are forced to miss any time, the Cowboys could be in trouble. After all, Austin is the team's third-leading receiver and has appeared in all three of Dallas' regular-season games in 2013, catching 15 passes for 125 yards."

    Really, they're going to miss time because of this lawsuit? Each of these guys probably have about 10 million in liability insurance for crap like this.
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  9. rocyaice

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    Wow. It looks like they are making Miles, Spencer and Carr the scaepgaot. What about UNT who had lifeguards on hand? They hold no accountability?
  10. tyke1doe

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    How is it sensationalistic journalism? The article merely reports information. This is hardly sensationalistic journalism.

    As for the article, I still don't understand how the three Cowboys are connected to this. Did they sponsor the football camp? And even if they're found guilty, they won't be suspended. This has nothing to do with improper conduct.
  11. links18

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    Read it again. They suggest that the players could be punished or otherwise miss playing time due to a civil suit. Its sensationalist and downright irresponsible. But, as others have pointed out, it might not be journalism.
  12. Eric_Boyer

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    where did it mention punishment?
  13. links18

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    Really, do we need to do this?

    "The Cowboys have yet to comment or release a statement regarding the situation. Barring any punishment, Austin and his Cowboys teammates will be in San Diego this Sunday to take on the San Diego Chargers. "

    Its utterly ludicrous to suggest any of the players might be punished and miss the Chargers game, because someone filed a frivolous civil suit against them.
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  14. newlander

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    don't click on it...I don't...bleacher report is a JOKE.
  15. links18

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    Maybe people could put "Bleacher Report" in the thread title in the future. I know is there in the link, but maybe putting it in the title could help some unfortunate souls from having to read such drivel?
  16. Yakuza Rich

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    The Bleacher Repot...written by morons, for morons.

    I'm pretty sure that Austin, Carr and Moore were not even there when the incident occurred. So you have a few players that were there as volunteers and mainly there in name only....not even at the camp when the incident occurred. Yet the Bleacher Report really thinks they could be suspended over this (or at least insinuates it).


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