Brandon Jacobs: "I'm heading to the dentist soon"

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Rampage, Dec 22, 2009.

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    12:32 PM By Kimberley A. Martin
    Brandon Jacobs may have connected on a few punches against the Redskins last night, but it’s the Giants RB who has to seek medical attention today.
    Jacobs told ESPN 1050 radio host Brandon Tierney earlier this morning that he’s headed to the dentist – thanks to Washington defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.

    Said Jacobs: "Haynesworth connected on one. It was a pretty good one on me. I wasn’t looking. I didn’t have him in sight. I was worrying about [No.] 23 (Hall) and [No.] 92 got a good one off me."

    The 6-4, 264-pound Jacobs took on both DeAngelo Hall (a 5-10, 195-pound CB) and 6-6, 350-pound defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth in the fourth quarter of Monday's 45-12 win over Washington.:laugh2:

    Jacobs and Hall started tussling after Jacobs couldn’t hang on to an Eli Manning pitch early in the quarter. But Jacobs did come away with Hall's facemask...and punches ensued. Haynesworth – the good Samaritan that he is -- jumped into the fray, and Jacobs couldn’t resist throwing another punch for good measure.

    Though Jacobs expects to be fined by the league, he doesn’t think his involvement in the fight warrants a suspension.
    “Nah, I shouldn’t get suspended,” he said on air. “It was an open hand. I didn’t throw a closed fist punch. That’s not even illegal to be honest with you, if you want to go by the book.”
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    Jacobs should be fined as should anyone else that attempted to hit anohter player.
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    He should be fined because he started it.
  4. Chief

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    It's too bad Haynesworth didn't catch him laying on the ground. He could have stomped a hole in his face.
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    I like how he admits that he slapped the guy instead of punching. What a little ***** he is. I can't wait until we finish their playoff hopes off.
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    giants.............i have so much hate for them
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    Jacobs shouldn't be fined or suspended. He should be beaten and stabbed.
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    Jacobs: "I'm not scared of anybody"

    In the Giants' locker room after the team had pummeled the Redskins Monday night, the New York media was talking a lot about the team's "fight." They meant it in terms of "spirit" and "toughness" and all that stuff, but of course, they also meant it in terms of "your starting running back throwing some blows."

    Early in the fourth quarter, Brandon Jacobs got into a scuffle with DeAngelo Hall. The running back threw Hall to the ground, and then appeared to throw at least one punch.

    "I run over there, thought the play was still going, wasn't blown dead," Hall said, via my colleague Rick Maese. "I stopped. I get hands put on my face. I got [shoved]. If the refs can't see that, there ain't nothing I can do about that. Just my luck."

    "I didn't throw a punch," Jacobs said, when asked point-blank whether he did. "I got jumped. I got jumped by two guys. I tried to get out of there, but one had me and one was hitting me. But it is what it is. I guess those guys [are teammates], and they worked together."

    Indeed, Albert Haynesworth came running to aid Hall, and eventually got flagged for a 15-yard penalty. Haynesworth was the only player penalized. It was reminiscent of the scene in Atlanta, where DeAngelo Hall got into it with some Falcons on the sideline, and eventually Haynesworth arrived and was flagged.

    "I just saw D-Hall getting like thrown down or something like that," Haynesworth explained, via my colleague Barry Svrluga. "I just ran over there and started pushing players off of him. I mean, if they want to give me a penalty, that's fine. If they want to fine me, fine. Whatever. But I'm going to stick up for my teammates and I'm not going to let them get double-teamed. I told the two-minute [warning] that it wasn't nothing personal, but I just saw my teammate getting jumped over there, so I'm going to help him."

    I asked Jacobs whether he had a history with either player; "No," he said. "People always want to fight me, though."
    And I pointed out that Haynesworth is kind of a big dude.

    "Huge dude," Jacobs agreed. "I'm not scared of anybody. Nobody.:laugh2: You put your pants on the right way, same way I do. You bleed like I do, you stand over the toilet and you [urinate] like I do. I'm not scared of anybody. At all."
    A New York reporter then asked if this showed that the Giants wouldn't back down.

    "I don't back down from anybody,"(o really?:laugh2: ) Jacobs said. "But I really want to talk about our great W we just had and not that situation....I don't think that was reflective [of the Giants' effort]. Things like that isn't supposed to happen. You have guys that have a lot of emotion going around, and things happen. No, they don't want to do what they did, and I didn't really want to be in that tussle with them, but it is what it is and you've got to protect yourself. It's against the rules to do things like that, but you've got to protect yourself, and I'll take the fine any time of the day when I've got to protect myself. That's just what it is. You protect yourself."

    As for the penalty, Haynesworth suggested he wasn't surprised.
    "You know what?" he told reporters. "I'm labeled as that guy, so they want to fine me or penalize me, so whatever."

    "Just look at the screen," Hall told reporters. "Look at the screen, see what happened. I don't know what they were looking at during the play. Obviously when Albert came over there, he did move the crowd a little bit, but even before all of that took place, I'm standing there basically trying to defense myself. If they can't see that, man, plain as day, I can't see it for them. That's all I was trying to get through to them, just look. Look at what happened. Look at what took place. But that didn't decide the game. They came out and kicked our butts."
    var entrycat = 'Redskins'
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    Hopefuly they'll sew his mouth shut.

    Ive never seen such an average player run his mouth like he's the best as his position.

    Seriously though, for a guy that big he runs like a *****. He talks more **** than any other player in this league and he's not even the best back on his own team.
  10. theebs

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    nothing new.

    Antonio pierce wound up and punched gurode in the playoff game and there was no flag.

    yet a few minutes later leonard davis got a 15 yard unsportsman like for blocking strahan while he was trying to get up.

    nothing new.
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    lol once again it looks like it doesn't take all that much to hold Jacobs back, he starts moonwalking as soon as fat Albert throws a punch :lmao2:
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    Quoted For Truth.
  13. adbutcher

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    Jacobs is a piece of trash honestly... I don't see how anyone can defend him.
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    Which negated a first down reception by Witten if I am not mistaken. Such BS!
  16. Chief

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    I hope his dentist uses dirty, germ-ridden instruments.
  17. vta

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    I guess he thinks everyone forgot about that phantom holding him back from Colombo...

    The guy's a real piece of garbage.
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    You tell em, Chief! ;)
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    I don't see how he and Albert don't get a suspension. They both threw punches, open handed or not, and that should draw suspensions.

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