Brandon Magee suffers concussion

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    August, 20, 2013
    By Todd Archer |

    IRVING, Texas – Cowboys rookie linebacker Brandon Magee will not play Saturday against Cincinnati after suffering a concussion in Monday’s practice.

    It is possible Magee will not be able to play in the preseason final against Houston on Aug. 29. Wide receiver Terrance Williams suffered a concussion on Aug. 2 and missed the first two preseason games. Magee led the Cowboys with six tackles last week against Arizona.
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    Completely different circumstances. Williams missed two games because they both fell within 7 days. Magee has an extra two days... Not sure how that is missed when writing an article like this. The NFL wants a full 7 days to return to playing. He has that.
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    They need to get some Unequal product inside these helmets.
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    Call me a cynic but this sounds suspicious. Are they going to try and sneak him onto the PS?

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