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Brandon Marshall Breaks TO record

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Cowboy Brian

    Cowboy Brian 3.141529 Zone Supporter

    12,202 Messages
    441 Likes Received
    T.O's single game reception record of 20 w a 5 yard TD, 9 minutes to play in the 4th quarter.
  2. NextGenBoys

    NextGenBoys Well-Known Member

    8,677 Messages
    978 Likes Received
    He just caught 21 balls for 200 yards and 2 TD's in the Broncos 16-28 loss to Indy.


    Glad that I have him on my fantasy team!
  3. Yeagermeister

    Yeagermeister Active Member

    47,595 Messages
    18 Likes Received
    Record broken
  4. zrinkill

    zrinkill Diamond surrounded by trash

    35,071 Messages
    3,387 Likes Received
  5. Vintage

    Vintage The Cult of Jib

    13,624 Messages
    1,333 Likes Received
    TO made some noise today, too!

    2 catches, 15 yards, 1 TD!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  6. zeroburrito

    zeroburrito Active Member

    4,172 Messages
    24 Likes Received
    9.5 average. impressive!
  7. Cover 2

    Cover 2 Pessimists Unite!!!

    3,301 Messages
    138 Likes Received
    :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:
  8. stilltheguru

    stilltheguru Well-Known Member

    3,183 Messages
    178 Likes Received
    He still has the record for the most haters on his jock. That will never get broken.
  9. stilltheguru

    stilltheguru Well-Known Member

    3,183 Messages
    178 Likes Received

    If only Roy had those stats today huh big guy?:lmao2:
  10. BraveHeartFan

    BraveHeartFan We got a hat. I want a ring.

    26,554 Messages
    3,227 Likes Received

    I was too. :)

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