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Braylon Edwards is the real deal...damn.

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by NotNOCODEE, Sep 29, 2004.


    NotNOCODEE Benched

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    Watching this guy after four games and he is by far the best WR in college. The only drawback on him is that he sometimes catches the easy passes, but thats its. He does everything well, makes tough catches, runs pretty decent routes, has really good speed for a bigger reciever and runs really well after the catch. He is the best. Watching him just makes me want to have the Cowboys draft him with the Bills first round pick. But would the Cowboys even concider something like that since they already have 3 good recievers and so many other positions on the team that need imediate help...probably not....darn! The only way i think they would draft somebody like this is because Key and Glenn wont be around that long. Edwards and Bryant would be nice to go along with Witten and Henson for years to come...but its just wishful thinking i suppose. I wont assume that the 'Boys would probably go after Edwards teamate more, Marlin Jackson, the CB for Michigan, id like him too. Anyways thats just me thinking outload. thats bout it.

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