Bray's final game at Tennessee?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Nov 21, 2012.

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    08:19 AM ET 11.21 | Tennessee may wind up having to replace more than its head coach in time for the 2013 season. When Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray walks onto the field at Neyland Stadium on Saturday, will it be his last game as a Vol? That same question could be asked of other juniors, like receivers Justin Hunter and Cordarrelle Patterson, who will also have a chance to leave early for the NFL. But for Bray, the question is more intriguing because of the muddled legacy he would leave at Tennessee. "We play Kentucky on Saturday," Bray said to the first of three questions that tried to get a read on his future. "That's all I'm worried about." Could Tennessee's new coach affect his NFL plans? "We've got Kentucky," Bray said. "That's all I'm going to say."

    Knoxville News Sentinel
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    It's likely. Most draft eligibile QBs don't play in a new system in their final year of eligibility. Not when they will be take in rounds 1 or 2.

    He'll apply to be evaluated and if he gets atleast a second round grade, he's gone.
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    As a vol fan I hope he leaves, he was terrible vs Vandy. Hunter and Patterson i hope stays. Patterson is a guy I want Dallas to look at in the draft. Guy can do it all.
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    Hunter will leave because he'll be a 1st rounder, and Patterson will leave because he won't be academically eligible for a senior year.

    Bray may leave. I suspect he will even though he won't be a high pick. Worley and/or Peterman would have to be awful for Bray to win the job back next spring.
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    If the Gruden rumors are true he should stay.
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    Patterson is probably a second rounder at this point and I don't want us spending such a high pick on a WR when there are more glaring needs that need addressing. Da'Rick Rogers, another talented Tennessee WR who is no longer with the team could be had a couple of rounds later, imo. If you can deal with his off field stuff, we could probably get a top 2 round talent in the middle rounds. Not saying I want him, but worth thinking about.

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