Breakdown on 2 Wide Receivers

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by garyv, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. garyv

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    Anyone who keeps up fairly closely with potential College Players for the 2005 Draft what is your feelings on:

    Braylon Edwards, WR compared to Mike Williams, WR

    Which in your opinion would be a better Centerpiece for the Cowboys?
  2. Woods

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    The problem I often hear with respect to Edwards is inconsistent hands, though he also makes the occasional spectacular play.

    With Williams, I think some worry about his speed. He's around a 4.6-4.65 guy. However, he's got everything else.

    Though we probably won't do it, I wish we'd take J. Porter in FA.

    Though between the two, I'd prefer Williams.
  3. Oh_Canada

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    I'm with you on Porter....rather pass on both wr's since they each come with some question marks.

    If I'd have to would be Williams.
  4. Cajuncowboy

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    Ya know what? That's Michael Irvin Spped. I'll take that along with everyhting else Willimas brings. Size, great hands and even at his young age runs great routes.
  5. joseephuss

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    I like the Irvin comparison and with today's rules giving recievers even more of and advantage, Williams would do very well. Irvin would love playing by today's rules.
  6. montgod

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    I strongly agree to sign Porter instead. WR is one of the hardest areas to draft especially in the first round. Not to mention, most WR don't usually pan out till two years or so and the Cowboys don't need to wait that long. Go with Porter who has great potential to be another TO. And he is much bigger than Williams and definitely faster!

    Parcells already said he would not draft a CB in the first round with the current NFL rules so thats out most likely. Probably get one in FA.
  7. nathanlt

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    The most important thing about a reciever, is not to get distracted with his 40 times, height and weight, but rather his catching ability. A WR who is good at his primary job is the one I'd pick. And to me, Williams seems to be that guy.

    But would WR be the way to go? Adding premier talent would be wonderful, but our pass rush needs a lot of help. Unless we address the pass rush AGAIN in free agency, we'd have to do it in the draft. And no matter what, we'll need some help along the D Line.
  8. zagnut

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    If we're looking for a WR that early, I say go with the guy who played at a premier program as an 18-year old true freshman and dominated from Day 1. Seems like an easy choice. He would make things A LOT easier for whoever ends up our starting QB. He's also a terrific downfield blocker, which Parcells clearly values.

    2002: 81 catches (Pac-10 Record) for 1,265 yards and 14 TD.
    2003: 95 catches (broke his own record) for 1,314 yards and 16 TD.

    Mike Williams -> Keyshawn Johnson
    Braylon Edwards -> Koren Robinson

    From Pat Kirwan on in April 2004:
  9. ghst187

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  10. Woods

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    Hands are definitely the most important attribute, IMO.

    That's why I would prefer MW over Edwards.

    Now, that said, I'm not sure if I'd prefer MW over a defensive stud at that pick.

    I have to admit, though, I'm starting to think that if MW is available, BP may take him. I really thought we'd go defense with our first 2 rounders, but the more I hear BP says that he needs to put the pieces around a potentially young QB, I think there is a decent chance we take a WR.

    I'd still prefer to take Porter in FA, but I think we may spend most of our FA money (or whatever we intend on spending) on the defensive line (and the defense in general).

    IF we pick up a DT and DE in FA, then I think we could afford to take a WR with the 1a pick in the Draft.
  11. Big Country

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    I'm really torn between the two... If Dallas has a stud QB in place then I'd take either, it wouldn't matter... I just don't know about the QB situation until Henson plays with confidence and Parcells finally trusts what he sees, or Henson tanks and Parcells gives up hope and hands the QB wheel back to Vinny.

    Mike Williams will probably be the first of the two to go unless Edwards wows the NFL scouts with workouts. Williams will be the veteran because he declared last year... I still have reservations with Michigan wideouts, because Michigan puts out better linemen than receivers... I guess I'm still scared off by that last big bad WR from Michigan, David Terrell. He's done squat to minimum and his old college and present NFL teammate RB Anthony Thomas has had more success than him, and he even sat on the bench with injuries and struggled for nearly a year. Besides a struggling Newman covered Terrell like a blanket on Thanksgiving.

    I just don't know about Michigan WRs... Find me another Antonio Bryant in latter rounds without the attitude and I'll go from there.
  12. ghst187

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    I agree with you about Mich WRs...I'm a little untrusting with them still too.

    Sounds like you'd be interested in a WR Mark Clayton (OU) or a WR Terrence Murphy (Tx A&M) or Geoff MacArthur (Cal) or the big tall WR from W Virginia forget his name.

    All are fine WRs, just not in the same class as MW.
  13. jterrell

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    Mike Williams played in a great offense and was always the 2nd WR. Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart both had favroite WRs other than Williams. USC loses Williams and still finishes in the national title game.

    I think Williams is tremendously overrated. He's big and can jump. He is very much like Plaxico Burress.

    I saw a post above that mentionned routes tho and MW does NOT run quality routes. In fact Rick Gosselin stated MW had fallen into the 20s last year because scouts simly hadn't seen MW run anything than fades, hitches and flies. He did make spectacular catches int he end zone so the sportscenter crowd will consider him a bigger impact on games than he actually was. His college numbers are similar to Burress' as well.

    I'd say right now he is about the 15th to 20th player in this draft but will need a good 40 time to be drafted there. The NFL isn't that fond of guys who have not played in an entire year.

    Braylon Edwards really stepped up this year with a very young Michigan offense and became its goto guy. He made tough catches and showed more explosion in his routes than was expected. He IMHO has passed MW as the top WR in this draft class. I think he is 7th to 10th best player in this class.

    I do NOT think any of these guys are as good as Charles Rogers, Roy Williams or Larry Fitzgerald coming out of school.

    Jerry Porter has seen his value sky rocket with the loss of Curry in Oakland. They have had no choice but to throw to him and he makes bg plays consistently. I know I have him as a starting WR on my fantasy team. We're playing for the championship this weekend and he scored a good deal of points for me. I'd love to add him because he brings both size and speed. He's well faster than Mike Williams(4.3 to 4.6) and much bigger than Braylon Edwards(by about 20 pounds).

    Oh and while Mike Irvin ran a 4.6 40 he was facing smaller CBs for the most part. Irvin was actually very like KJ in that he didn't need to run by his man to get open or to make plays. He would run into the teeth of the defense and catch the ball anyway.
  14. jterrell

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  15. ghst187

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    If we bring in Porter as a FA then I will change my tune about the draft and hope we grab one of the top 2 LBs with our first pick and look at Terrence Murphy with our second rounder. I think its wise to prepare for Glenn to be hurt a lot.
    I think we have to get a true #1 WR, esp if we ever get around to playing Henson. Key will be a great #2 and Glenn an awesome #3 with Copper backing him up. But we're not scaring anyone down the field with Glenn out and VTs spaghetti arm. Morgan should be traded, he sucks.
    However, I'm still very skeptical of Mich WRs.
    Also, I can throw out a few WRs who have done well their rookie years....Fitzgerald, Bolden, R Williams, Charles Rogers...those guys lit it up their rookie year.
  16. Cajuncowboy

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    Hate to disagree with you on the route running thing but here is a link to just one of the sites that discuss this, and there are others.

    Mike Williams WR Jr USC 6’5 228
    By: Robert Davis | Updated: 10/21/2004

    Mike Williams is a truly unique talent. In just two seasons at USC, he became the school’s all time leader in touchdown catches with 30, and ranks 4th on the all time reception list with 176. There may not be a better physical specimen in the entire draft.

    Williams decided to declare for the draft after the Maurice Clarett situation, and it ended up costing him football this season. He was not allowed to enter the draft and was not allowed back in by the NCAA. Williams did hold a workout for NFL scouts last year, and by most accounts, it was very impressive. Williams checked in at 6’4 5/8” and 228 pounds, while also posting a 4.56 40 time and a 37” vertical jump.

    On the football field, very few play as hard and physical as Williams. He is unique because his biggest asset as a football player is his physical nature and strength, which is not what you typically see in a wide receiver. He is not afraid to go over the middle, and will make the difficult grab look routine. There is not a corner in football that can stop Williams in a one on one situation. With his combination of size, jumping ability, and strength, Williams will win out 9 times out of 10 against even the most physical of corners in the league. Williams gets off the line easy, as he has excellent use of his hands, and the strength allows him to toss aside the corner before he can be neutralized. If there is a receiver with better hands than Williams, I haven’t seen him play yet. Mike is going to be a major force in the red zone from his first snap in an NFL game. Mike also happens to be a very good blocker in the run game, and runs very precise routes. He works very hard on every aspect of the game, and it shows on the football field.

    The only knock I can see with Williams is his lack of pure deep speed. He does not possess great speed, but it is not something that will hold him back in the NFL. With his size and jumping ability, he can be a downfield threat. USC utilized him a lot on wide receiver screens, and on routes underneath that allowed him to rack up yards after the catch. He’ll never be considered a blazer, but he is not slow by any means. Some people believe the layoff will hurt Williams, but I do not believe it will. He’s a hard worker, and will be working on every facet of his game for NFL teams. He takes a very mature approach to football, and he will be ready come training camp.

    I see Williams as a bigger, more athletic version of Cris Carter. All he does is catch touchdowns, and at 6’5 230, he’s going to catch a lot of them. As long as Williams duplicates the numbers he posted in workouts last year, he will be the first wide receiver off the board in this draft.

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