Breaking: College Football Playoff is Coming

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Avery, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Avery

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  2. casmith07

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    It can only get better from here. It'll eventually expand to 8 teams...the sweet spot.
  3. MC KAos

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    i wish they made it where it had to be at least a division winner, but at least with a committee, i think they will keep things like that in mind, unlike computers and biased pollsters.
  4. dez_for_prez

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    Not the best but I'll take it.
  5. SaltwaterServr

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    I officially give a crap about college football again.
  6. Cowboys&LakersFan

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  7. SDogo

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    Nothing accomplished when a "committee" still selects the teams involved based on the current flawed model.

  8. CATCH17

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    It's still a lot better though because I think they usually do get it right when it comes to 2 of the top 4 teams being the best in the country.

    I just don't like that they decide who the best 2 teams are from the 4 when another team usually has a strong case.

    8 teams would be nice though.
  9. Doomsday101

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    One thing I would like to see is each of the conferences having to play in their own conference championship with the winner advancing to the 4 team playoff system.
  10. casmith07

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    I want to see 8 teams. Top 4 seeds could be the top four finishers among major conferences -- SEC, ACC, Big XII, Pac-12, etc. And then 4 At-Large teams, who could be anyone.

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