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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Jan 23, 2014.

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    Your numbers are wrong.
    This is somewhat complicated but Bowman was only guaranteed 25.xM in case of injury.
    The non-injury guarantee was 11m.
    The injury money is backed by insurance so isn't really a 49ers guarantee at all. It cost them ~150K. It won't cost them on the cap. Bowman&Position=ILB&Team=49ers

    Again, his yearly roster bonus and base structure are set to pay him what he's worth PER SEASON AS THEY GO.
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    i appreciate the efforts here but you really are very far from reality.
    especially since you yourself state Lee will have his 2014 fully guaranteed 5.5m base restructured.

    Lee's deal includes a bonus for playing time that may change future bases upwards... not down.
    But his Bonus Money was straight forward and his 5.5m base of 2014 is fully guaranteed.
    Essentially that 5.5m base was part of the signing bonus. It isn't injury guaranteed and backed by insurance like Bowman's future years but FULLY GUARANTEED BY THE FOOTBALL TEAM.

    Lee will be handed ~4.5m this year when the league office opens after the injury plagued 2012 and 2013 season where he played 17 games he will pocket 17 MILLION dollars.
    So we will have handed Lee 1 million a game essentially.
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    They owe him almost 8m in dead money, how is that pay as you go? They paid him over 12.5m the last 2 years and accounted for 5.6m of it. And now he is hurt so his 2014 salary is guaranteed and so is 2015 and 2016 if he never plays again. I thought that if the Niners have to pay him for injury that it counts against the cap, even if they have insurance for his contract. Any money or benefit paid to a player has to be covered under the cap.
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    Fascinating thread.
    Kudos guys!
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    The short answer is no.
    Please see link above breaking it down.
    Teams are responsible for out of pocket expenses to provide insurance not injury monies paid.
    If Bowman is medically retired he walks away with ~12m(likely paid out incrementally over like 20 years time) that never touches the cap.

    Bowman has dead money because he got a SB like everyone else. His structure during the new contract is no where near as punitive for releasing him which was the point.

    It is not complicated to see the differences. Dallas has 5.5 more million guaranteed that Lee hasn't even seen yet. Bowman is owed nothing else if he is gone.
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    Good break down of the contract bro.

    Basically if I am following, Romo is untouchable for the next 3 seasons and only in 2017 can we realistically think about trade/release if his play falls off.

    Trade or release before 2017 accomplishes nothing, most of that $54 million guaranteed is being paid over the next 3 seasons so we are still on the hook for the money regardless capwise.
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