News: Breaking Down the ‘Boys: A Telling Look at the Cowboys’ Rushing Woes

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    While there’s no doubt that the Cowboys live and die by the pass, efficient rushing can go a long way in taking pressure off of Tony Romo and setting up big plays through the air. Through Week 9 of the 2012 season, however, the Cowboys’ rushing attack has been abysmal, averaging 3.57 YPC.

    I track the location of each running play, as well as the linemen who are at the point-of-attack. On most running plays, two linemen are at the point. On some outside runs, like stretches and tosses, it is sometimes just the offensive tackle (although usually another lineman pulls). Below, I’ve graphed the yards gained with each lineman at the point-of-attack thus far in 2012.

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    you take away that long play Murray had after being HIT in the backfield and bouncing off and what is the YPC now?

    That play was ALL Murray and should have been for a loss.
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    one other problem with charts like that is that plays like draws are technically runs but really should not be counted
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    Running has been a mess since Sparono left. Running traps and slow developing power pulls at the goal line shows you don't know running the football.

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