News: Breaking Down the ‘Boys: Have Tony Romo’s audibles helped the Cowboys in 2012?

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    Breaking Down the ‘Boys: Have Tony Romo’s audibles helped the Cowboys in 2012?

    By Jonathan Bales


    Driving inside the red zone late in the fourth quarter, the Cowboys were on the verge of mounting an historic comeback against the Giants in Week 8. Facing a 2nd and 1, Jason Garrett called the play into Tony Romo. After an incompletion to Jason Witten, Garrett dialed up the same call on 3rd and 1. That play also resulted in an incompletion, and when the Cowboys failed to convert on the subsequent fourth down, many asked why the Cowboys didn’t run the ball.

    One thing fans didn’t see on television, however, is that Garrett did call a run (and a pass) on both second and third down. The Cowboys’ coach often calls two plays into the huddle, affording Romo a run/pass option. The first call is the one the offense intends to run, but if Romo sees something he doesn’t like in the defense, he has the option to “kill” to the second play. Against the Giants, the Cowboys headed to the line intending to run a draw—a running play—but Romo “killed” to the second play that Garrett called in each time—a pass that included a quick out from Witten that had been working all day.

    While the merits of that strategy late against the Giants are debatable, technically, the coach did allow for a run on both plays. Romo checked out of the runs, but the incomplete passes that followed weren’t typical of the quarterback. Actually, Romo has thrown only two other incompletions all year following a “Kill” call...
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    I'd really be interested to see what Romo could do if he were allowed to call all the plays. He's a very instinctive player and has been amazing in no-huddle situations. I don't know if that would translate well as far as calling plays for an entire game, but I do know that I trust his feel for the game much more than I do Garrett's.
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    I think what is being seen here, is the control measures needed to ensure conciseness prior to setting for plays. Players are set prior to going to the line of scrimmage and thus, better time management is achieved.

    That issue of time management at the ends of games has been of crisis management proportions of recent times. With a younger team and the degree of undisciplined play show to date, this also cuts down on penalties and loss of execution as well.

    There still is a managed period that needs to be journeyed through, before it is fully feasible to give Tony Romo is full head. Now is not the Vegas odds on time to gamble foolishly and still arrive in the playoff hunt, given the fabric of at best, improving standards and compliance in execution.

    Hey, that's what it is as well...
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    I just laugh at the fans who criticize Garrett for all manner of stuff when they clearly don't understand 1% of the game of football.

    Garrett doesn't decide which way a running back cuts. He can't run routes for Dez Bryant. He hasn't yet figured out how to block for Doug Free.
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    Thats fair to some extent. But it's his job to get Dez and Tony on the right page, and find out a way to get more out of Free. Not to mention the fact that he could just call a run, and not a run/pass option...
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    I mean I like garrett but run/pass option for all plays, come one. I would like to see more run/run or pass/pass. Many of our kills plays are passes if I can see that opposing DC see that. Maybe the players are too dumb but 4 plays in on a down would be much more helpful as opposed to 2, especially considering when we kill we do not change formations so teams can hedge considering how we are a passing team.
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    Everything you described is at least 'related' to coaching.

    To be fair he has assistants who should help improve in the specific areas you speak of.

    Too bad he can't place the blame for his bad game management on anyone.

    How about we throw it more at the 3rd stringer CB who doesn't usually play? The same one who has committed 3 straight penalties for first downs? Joe Haden taking the day off didn't pop up on the gameplan? How about we throw some screens or have some rollouts to supplement our poor offensive line? These are all coaching 101 kindergarden level things and granted a better coach than me could probably fix it with a higher than Pee-Wee level of understanding, but doing nothing and calling it a process isn't exactly an answer I'm really willing to accept.

    Garrett is overwhelmed.

    I was always baffled how being the OC on a team that started 1-6, somehow gave him the credibility to be the HC. The idea that he had nothing to do with it and it was all Wade's fault is clearly wishful thinking on Jerry's part.

    Hopefully he can correct that mistake this offseason, or at least try to put a band-aide on it by giving someone else the playcalling duties.
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    I really don't know why he doesn't just call a play in and if there are changes to be made call an audible towards that certain play. I think most offenses do it that way rather than call two different plays.

    Garrett's offense also takes time to develop. Thus the reason why Romo got sacked quite a bit. Garrett needs to dial up some play action, boot legs and move Romo around, out of the pocket plays.

    The problem with our offense is that Romo is made to stand in the pocket for too long and thus having the passrush key on where he his going to be. Garrett needs to call plays that are the strength of this team, and not what he thinks should be called. Thus the criticism he receives is well deserved.
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    The problem is, and being missed here, is that control of a mental process is not at question. But clock management and getting the play off is on the table in association with what is being used.

    Even this game, yesterday, when Tony Romo was trying to play the situation out, he had to quickly call a time out, because he had drawn the drama out too long to set up a change at the line of scrimmage. The team again, almost missed an opportunity to even close the game out due to pressure situations that don't have limits on time constraints and a decision to execute.

    Yesterday, things were greatly intensified by the fact of seven sacks and a fumble as well.
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    no fair

    if you are going to bring common sense to the argument i will have to say "no fair" ;)

    garrett is in way over his head

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