breaking down the Defensive Linemen & Linebackers that impressed at the Combine.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Mar 1, 2011.

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    247 Likes Received's top two defensive tackles -- Nick Fairley (Auburn) and Marcell Dareus (Alabama) -- cemented their elite status, each excelling in his own area of strength. They ran the 40-yard dash in the mid-to-high 4.8-second range even though Dareus outweighs Fairley by almost 30 pounds (319 to 291).

    The 40 times are similar, but their workouts in drills were as different as the prospects themselves.

    Dareus looked as powerful as he played, punching bags to the ground in turn-the-corner position drills. Fairley impressed scouts with his footwork in linebacker and movement drills. He was more fluid then Dareus dropping back and changing direction.
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    The first couple rounds of this draft is loaded with defensive linemen!!

    Fairley, Dareus, Bowers, Quinn in the top 10

    J.J. Watt, Cam Jordan, Aldon Smith, Clayborn top 25

    Luiget, Kerrigan, Wilkerson, Paea as possible 1st rounders

    Then second round guys like Heyward, Phil Taylor, Marvin Austin.

    Others who could go 2nd round like Kenrick Ellis, Allen Bailey, Ballard, Sam Acho.

    Thats 20 defensive lineman who could go in the first 2 rounds.. LOADED
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    I saw a few of you guy's mock Martez Wilson to us r2 i think was the highest, What's the feeling on him now? 6'4 250 4.44 forty wow! break in Lee this year and groom this kid to take over for bradie that's a pretty nice lb core .

    this is why i hope we trade down there's so much value in r2 and 3 we grab the RT late round 1 and pick up the extra 2nd to fill CB or S, D-line, ILB with the next 3 picks. wish we had the pats picks people would be mocking like crazy :D
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    Still wishing for Dareus or Peterson.

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