Breaking Down the Safeties

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by brooksey1, Apr 27, 2012.

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    How big is the drop off after Harrison Smith went in RD 1? There are some intriguing prospects left to consider. I will attempt to break them down and give my reasoning based on what I see Rob Ryan trying to achieve with Sensabaugh at SS and his blitzing schemes. Ideally we could have a guy who can play centerfield, play the box and can play man to man. Feel free to add your guy or sleeper pick, etc.

    1. Markelle Martin, FS OKL St 6'1 210 - Best Cover safety in the draft is still on the board and may drop into the 4th round. What I like about Markelle is he is true ballhawking centerfielder who can come down and make the big hits in the box. He's an athletic guy and an academic honor student, has great size and speed. Negs: He had a pinched nerve in his knee, missed combine and worked out at his pro day last minute. He says he was 80% and ran a 4.55. If health is not a concern and the knee is ok, I take him in the 3rd ahead of NE.

    2. Brandon Taylor , FS LSU 5"11 200 - Another High character , smart guy who was the leader of the LSU defense, knows Morris Claiborne well. Great tackler and some natural cover ability as a former CB. Can play close to the line of scimmage which is intriguing under Rob Ryans plan to man and blitz. Is not the athlete Markell Martin is and does not have his instincts or range in centerfield but he's not bad. I like the idea that he can play centerfield and close to the line."

    3.George Iloka , S Boise State 6'3 220 - Great size and good speed for his size. Has no problem playing bump and run coverage off the line and can shut down TE's. Stays very low in backpedal for his height but has trouble with one on one with smaller WR's. Can play in the box and has very good instincts in zone packages but he's a little slow changing directions. The guy has enough athletisicm to Play FS but he's built for a SS. Interesting prospect.

    4. AAron Henry , FS Wisconsin 6'0 210 - Great athlete who converted to CB who is very comfortable playing the slot or centerfield. Good hips, fluid no wasted motion type of guy. He's not a big hitter in run support but is a sure tackler. Henry has a lot of range. He is new to the position and can make some mistakes but this guy can be a contributer. Had an ACL injury in 2008. ""

    5. Kelcie McCray - FS, Arkansas State 6'2 195 Long Lanky fluid defensive back who can cover one on one and play the box. Solid tackler and has a knack for the interception and return. He's a student of the game, can be coached up to stop peeking into backfield to much and biting on qb fakes. Has the package to play one on one, center field and play the box. If he's there later maybe worth a flier."

    Other notables:
    Trumaine Johnson Montana - CB who has not never played safety or elite competition
    Brandon Hardin - great size and speed but lacks the ability to cover in man.
    Antonio Allen - More of a SS but looks like he can be a good one
    Janzen Jackson- Like the measurables but off the field problems are a concern
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    Martin was the best player on a D that beat Luck, RGIII and Tannehill. Speaks volumes.
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    He's a little bit too much like Roy Williams for my liking, but if we're going to try one out in this draft I'd take him. He'd be a great in the box player.
  4. Muhast

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    I really want Thorpe from auburn. He has great size and good speed. Played safety and cb for auburn. He is a 5th or 6th most likely
  5. HoosierCowboy

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    I live in Notre Dame country and am not impressed with Smith--would have liked Barrron but hope we take at least one other safety
  6. brooksey1

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    When it comes to hitting I agree but he's an outstanding cover safety which Roy struggeled with.
  7. DFWJC

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    This may be another reason why we could part with our second rounder for a star player. These are next safeties after the 1st round, yet most or all slot into the 3rd round or later.

    If Lloka, for example, was there at 81, I'd grab him --assuming no major surprise player drops in our lap.
  8. a_minimalist

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    I wouldn't mind Iloka at all.
  9. AdamJT13

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    History has shown that you can find starting safeties later in the draft (Rounds 4-7) easier than any other position.
  10. InmanRoshi

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    I've been a fan of Aaron Henry in the 6th round. He doesn't have the ball instincts to be a big play gamechanger and he's not going to make people fear going down the middle, but I think he has the mental smarts and raw physical ability to be a solid centerfielder who does his job and doesn't get you beat.

    When you got cornerbacks like the Cowboys do, you don't need Ronnie Lott back there. You just need someone who's not going to do something stupid like bite off play action and someone who can make a last line of defense tackle.
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    I like Markelle Martin, he plays with some attitude... saw the game against Stanford and he was delivering hits everywhere, even their mascot(i don't know if this is the way is said in english) got hitted.
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    If you look at alot of the starting safeties in the league, alot of them come in that range of the draft.

    I really hope someone is on our radar at S, if we could hit on someone it would take this D to the next level. I know I have mentioned the need at DE, but give me a S that can contribute immediately and I would take him over a DE everyday and twice on Sunday.
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    Trumaine Johnson was mentioned as a CB that the Cowboys were high on but he should be gone in the 2nd round.
  14. brooksey1

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    Correct. The injury really hurt him as he dropped quite a bit. At one point last fall he was projected #1 safety. Missing combine and workouts really hurt his value or the injury is worse. Anybody got any info on the knee? It was supposedly just a pinched nerve.
  15. Deep_Freeze

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    Supposedly a pinched nerve and fluid in the knee.

    I forgot he was hurt.......welcome to the Dallas Cowboys, Markelle.
  16. visionary

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    this ^^^
    I like Aaron Henry
  17. InmanRoshi

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    Fluid gathering in the knee is not good.
  18. revospeed

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    I don't like Markelle Martin for Dallas. He got bailed out a lot by OSU getting pressure and playing with some really good CBs. I've seen him get burnt quite a bit.
  19. InmanRoshi

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    Last year Dallas sidelined Abe Elam in nickel situations and moved Scandrick to FS. I imagine that's what we'll do this year with Poole.
  20. Idgit

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    Martin is the one I'm holding out hope for.

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