Breaking Down the Safeties

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by brooksey1, Apr 27, 2012.

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    Brooks is who we brought in for a visit. I just want someone who is smart enough to understand Ryans defense and get everyone lined up properly. I guess being pretty good at doing his own job wouldnt be a bad thing either. It seemed like last year eveyone looked like they were totally confused about where they were supposed to line up.
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    Post it up, id like to see it. I dont doubt it just cant find the negatives besides the knee which seems like something that he can come back from.
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    This is from a fan standpoint. From what I saw, I thought he was the third best player in our secondary behind Daytawion Lowe and Justin Gilbert. He could be the best safety on the board, but from what I've seen, he struggles when he has to play center field.
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    i am really hoping for Thorpe in the 6th. Big and great range. Sec startet and former college cb turned safety.
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    Except he can cover WRs man to man. He hits more like James Washington IMO. Roy was huge and used to run through ballcarriers, Washington was similar size to Martin and was all attitude when he layed the wood.
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    Hardin definitely has great size, speed, hard hitter and ST demon. He was a CB at OSU, and he was very good playing the press.

    Hardin CAN cover. His size is what projects him to safety.

    Janzen Jackson on the 3rd day is worth the risk. The guy was a blue chip talent only 2 season ago. No drop off when he went to McNeese State.
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    I'll 2nd on Janzen Jackson. Use the 6th on him and hope he grows up. Would be the first Dallas Safety who could cover in ages. CB at McNeese St.

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