BREAKING: LB Jerry Brown has died .. Josh Brent arrested for intoxicated manslaughter

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheSport78, Dec 8, 2012.

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    My ex boyfriend is a heavy drinker.(One reason we are no longer together) Hes a happy drunk and thinks hes invincible and everything is cool. Every weekend he and his friends go crazy just drinking. I still talk to him. He's 33 and shows no signs of slowing down. When we were together, he and his friends got caught drunk driving. He was in the back seat, but all 8 in the vehicle were wasted. Luckily no body was endangered by their stupidity.

    Thats what gets me about this story. It could be him one day either behind the wheel killing innocent lives or the one being killed. I havent talked to him in two weeks but Im thinking I should just throw it in his face again how a stupid decision can cost lives. He wouldnt stop drinking for me, but he has a 2 yr old neice he loves dearly..maybe for her.
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    It was good, and i gave you a like on youtube. No comment though. That was your expression of what you feel.
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    if you aren't with him any more, it's just best to stay away. It sounds like you still care though, have you talked to any of his family? I don't want to see another tragedy happen, but maybe you can help from a distance, at least until he gets his stuff together.
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    Nice post. As A fellow Dui person I think you captured it all.

    Probably why my heart hurts so much over this.
  5. muck4doo

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    You both get it, and it does hurt. I keep going from sad to mad over this.
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    Isn't that so true. Drinking and driving is such a widespread problem, most of us have been hit with some aspect of it at a personal level. That's why we feel such an attachment to this tragedy.

    Good luck in getting through to your ex. It sounds like you still care about him as a person. I'm not sure "throwing it in his face" or using words like "stupid" are always the way to go, but I'm sure you of all people would know the best way to approach him.
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    yeah, I tried the stay away approach. The longest it went with no contact was 6 months, but then we started talking again. I still do care. Maybe this is my flaw, but I tend to fall for guys thinking I can change their imperfections. Make sense?

    Some guys feel "less macho" if they have to call for help.
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    Alot of interesting perspectives on this.

    What a horrible thing that has happened. I feel terrible for Jerry Brown and his family and also feel bad for Josh Brent.

    My perspective in this case is more of grief than anger. Yes, in general, it does piss me off when people knowingly get behind the wheel after drinking. After all that has happened to people regarding drunk driving, everyone should know better than to do it. It puts yourself, the people in the car with you, and those out driving in danger and it's simply inexcusable and unacceptable.

    With that being said and like many here, that could have been me many many times. I can't tell you how many times I drove home drunk after a late night out. Most times I was alone, but there were plenty of times that I had my best friends with me. I also have gotten into the car with people that I knew were drunk, many times. It wasn't until I had my son that I realized what a big mistake and gamble I was taking. Not just with my life, but with others.

    I believe Josh Brent is devastated right now. He made a mistake that many people have made. He made a mistake that many good people have made. I thank God that I never paid for making the same mistake Josh Brent made with my life or someone else's and I truly hope that Jerry Brown's family finds peace someday. I also hope that Josh Brent has finally learned what horrible consequences comes with drinking and that he also finds peace. Hopefully someday, he can have an impact in helping turn people away from committing such horrible mistakes.
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    There are many guys who do the same with women. It's not a woman or man thing, it's a need to think you are making a difference.
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    He was a handsome guy. I had never seen his picture before today because he hadn't been in Dallas for very long. :(

    My heart is heavy. I just feel sad for everyone involved. R.I.P. Jerry. I pray for his family.

    I read that they had been to Privae, the Dallas night club hotspot. I know a lot of pro athletes in Dallas go there. Maybe if one good thing can come from this it will be that they think twice before going out for the night. Have a friend drop them off and pick them up. Privae is in Dallas and the accident happened in Irving. Sounds like Josh and Jerry were almost home. :(
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    So sad and he was expecting a daughter soon from what I heard.
  14. Aikbach

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    Now this stupid and senseless tragedy will be all we hear about during tomorrow's broadcasts.

    Let the freaking victim's family be without broadcasting to the world the details of a DUI/ manslaughter, hope networks don't milk it and make it worse.

    It's tragic, it shouldn't be all together public, a right to privacy applies to victim and family.
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    Couldnt agree more. Im staying up extra late just to sleep until kickoff...
    Last thing I want to hear is Costas preaching in support of prohibition
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    Like many, I had no idea who Brown was until today, but I feel so badly for his entire family. It's so senseless that a kid so young--who had a lot to look forward to in the future--could be taken from us. Many lives were permanently changed today, and I just hope that something good can come from it.

    I hope this reminds people to please please please always make plans before you start drinking, so that you don't end up playing hero after you're already intoxicated. There's no reason to ever ever ever drive while intoxicated, but so much of this happens because people don't want to worry about it until the night is over and it's time to go home.
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    I hadn't checked anything football related today until I was about to go to bed... First, my condolences to Jerry Brown's family and friends. That's a tragic way to go out. Second, while I don't condemn Brent, i don't feel that much sympathy for him beyond the fact that he has to live with killing a close friend. He chose to drive and that's on him. Finally, I really think a new thread should be open. if it wasn't for the title change, I would have been freaking out over the first page of pure speculation. I'm not a mod or anything but just sayin.
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    I have no sympathy for Josh Brent. At a time when his team needs hium the most is he preparing for the game? NO he's getting wasted at some night spot, not even thinking about how this will effect his endurance or stamina come game time. I'm sick of these guys that say they are sorry for wrecking peoples' lives. Sorry means you try and do better and overcome the problem that is interfering w/ you life.

    There is a small chile waiting to be born that no longer has a father love and care for her. The team is going to have to do the best they can with who-knows-who at NT. This is BS. WHen someone truly loves his/her "family" you don't do this kiind of stuff to them. If I were Jerry I'd clean out his locker, take it to the jail, give him his stuff and tell him "You are no longer a Dallas Cowboy and don't ever show your face that any of our facilities ever again!" When is it going to stop? All the troubkle w/ Irvin and Erik Willliams in the 90s; Irvin and McEyer (or whatever his name was); Dwyane Goodrich 10 years ago; Packman; the TO "suicide" crap.

    This is just inexcusable. I say good riddance to Josh Brent...
  19. Lazyking

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    only thing I'll disagree on is implying its a Cowboy thing. Its not. Players who think they are untouchable.. it won't be them who dies.. are the problem. I bet you Brent drove drunk a few other times in his life and this will be the price he pays.
  20. TTexasTT

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    Yeah, Ive been reading that he has a prior conviction for DUI. Its really unfortunate. This death, the guilt that Brent has to live with. I do have sympathy for him. It was very, very ignorant on his part and they were good friends and I wouldnt be shocked if they partied together on many occasions. Brent may very well be a good kid but he has to face his punishment and the child of the man that died. I dont know if there is any positive outcome from this but perhaps he will be involved in teaching against driving under the influence.

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